Maumelle Double Run

This week the Little Rock Marathon Training Group met at Lake Willastein in Maumelle.  Kim is BACK from the Cleveland marathon and I guess she is ready to start her training for her next event, some 50 miler in Nashville.  UGH, this means she will be pulling me along in her crazy Kimmy Training.

We we going to run 8 miles yesterday, but I had to go to the bathroom so we made a slight adjustment to our route and ran up to McDonald’s for a quick bathroom stop, this gave us 8.71 miles for Saturday, pace around 10:32.  We also snagged a sign off the side of the road for Kim’s beau “Putting Greens Closed”, random sign, but perfect for him because he is a golf nut.  She toted that sign for about 5 miles.

Kim wanted to run again today and sent me a message last night, “let’s do the same route, say 9 or 10 miles” uhhh, okay, I say this lightly because my ass is so fat and I have got to get 4 pounds off!!  I thought I lost two pounds, but I found them, right on my ass!

We met at the same time in Maumelle to beat the heat and it was a lot warmer today, it didn’t take long before we were drenched in sweat, I think starting temp was mid 70s.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to do back to back 9 milers, it’s been a couple of months since I’ve done a couple of mid-distances back to back.  It was an out and back course so if it got too bad we could always cut it short.

We got to the Field of Dreams (baseball complex) and we spotted a large round object in the parking lot, hmmm, oh it’s a turtle who has lost its way!  We decided to move it over to the grass so it wouldn’t get run over, he was huge!  As soon as I picked him (or her) up he started peeing, eek, not on my new shoes mister!  He was as big as a salad plate.  I put him in the grass and of course he was shy and kept his head tucked in.  We were off again. 

Kim and I both had on new shoes (happy feet) my right foot has been throbbing for a few days, with or without running and I wanted to try out my new shoes.  They felt great for cushioning, Mizuno Wave Creation 11, I bought them a few months ago, but have been wearing my Brooks Glycerines until they wear out, I think they are close to the yard work retirement pile.  My foot, right where a bunion would be was still hurting, but the shoes will get 2 thumbs up.

As Kim and I were running on Count Massie Rd. we stumbled upon another turtle, who was destined to be run over since it was crossing the road, I grabbed her from the throes of certain death and put her on the side of the road, she was not scared at all, kept her head and legs out at all times, but she was much smaller, a one handed turtle. 

We ran the same route as yesterday, up to McDonald’s where we got two Big Mac’s to go, no, just kidding, we used the facilities and headed back.  It was a lot tougher today for sure, around mile 7 I was ready for it to be over, legs were heavy, breathing was getting harder and I was soaked.  We finished only about a minute or two after yesterday’s time, same distance, so not too bad at all.  Saved two turtles, saw one snake (dead) lots of birds, all of which I pointed out to Kim and named them too :), she thinks I’m just old (which I am), had Starbucks each day, yummy, and hopefully sweat off some poundage.  Sick of this extra fat around my middle!  Now it’s off to yard work, ugh.


I hate chaos!

Work is chaos and I hate it! Phone is ringing non-stop, employee complaining that he is supposed to make 32 and hr not 30 on the check I just printed, another employee sitting in my office telling me about the warrant for her arrest while waiting on me to print out an earnings statement, an applicant walks in and wants to fill out an application, says some guy told her she could just walk-in anytime, we don’t have “a guy”. Am I the only person who works here? I’m done.

Birds and Tongue Rings

As I was running this morning by myself a couple of thoughts went through my mind, actually more than a couple, but these two were what I was thinking when I got home. 

One, the damned birds who keep getting in my walls!  Over my extended weekend there was a bird stuck in between the bathroom wall and my closet.  First off, the cats sit and stare at the wall, they can hear the scratching and pecking, but can’t figure out what to do, me either!  Well, I know what I have to do, but geez, cut another hole in my wall?  Very annoying.

The first signs of said bird were on Thursday night, but I really was not in the mood to deal with it since I had gotten in late from running with the Little Rock Marathon Group over at Easy Runner.  I met Sheryl, we signed and put our names in the hat for a drawing they were having for a new pair of shoes!  Right before we headed out they drew a name “Missy” and then “Cheryl”, which one?? not me, but Sheryl won a brand new pair of Nike’s.  She was so excited and I was glad one of us won.  It was warm out and there was a little breeze, we kept a better pace than the week before.  I will get her through this course without stopping!  I believe our time was 1 minute faster than the week before, YEA!!!

Friday got up as usual, maybe close to 5am instead of 4:20, but who’s keeping up?  Went out and did my customary loop, got back, made coffee and not long after they called to deliver the new fridge.  While I was waiting I cleared out the bottom of my closet so I could cut a hole in the sheet rock and hopefully release the bird!  I sat in the floor with my serrated knife, note to self, buy a sheet rock knife, and decided where to make the cut.  This is not easy with a regular knife, cut probably a 4×4 square, no bird hopped out, hmmm.  Grabbed the flashlight and a mirror, CRAP!  there was a piece of wood right above where I cut, the bird must be above the board, this sucks!

Later on after the fridge was delivered and I jumped in the shower, still in my robe I decided to start on the hole again, this time above the board and a slightly smaller hole, still no bird, DAMN IT!  The hole was smaller so I couldn’t get the mirror in, but with the flashlight I could make out some feathers down to the right, reached my hand in and grabbed the bird, YIKES!  Scared myself and let go and he started flying around the house, the cats went NUTS!!  The bird was going for the windows and the cats, especially Smokey was all about a morning bird snack!  He may be old, but his cat instinct is not lost!  He cornered the bird in the dining room, at one point I thought he had it, but he didn’t, thank goodness, then the bird flew to the kitchen window and I finally caught it with my hands, opened the screen door and it flew away!  SUCCESS! 

That makes 4 holes in my walls that I have not fixed, I have the materials to fix them, but I have to prevent the birds from getting in first, what’s the point of fixing the holes if they can get back in?  I need a very tall ladder to put screens over the eaves, that’s where they are getting in.  Soon, very soon.

Next thought, tongue rings, I have nothing against them, unless you can’t talk!  I had a girl come in last week for an INTERVIEW with a tongue ring, obvious tongue ring, number 1 it was distracting, number 2 it slurred her speech, number 3 what’s the point?  Here’s my pet peeve for this week, if you have a tongue ring and you have an interview with me or anyone else, for a job, take OUT your tongue ring.  It is not pretty, it does not get you a job, it is distracting and you talk funny.  Yes, you have the right to pierce whatever  body part you want, but when you are going for a job interview you must want a job, right?  Take my advice, take it out!  You can put it right back in when you get in the car, or I guess you can, or are they permanent, GOD I hope not, what if they are permanent and you need an MRI? 

Nice solo run this morning, weird weather though, it felt really cool out, about 60 degrees, but it was humid as hell, so cool and humid, how does that work?  Well, I had a light jacket on for the first mile and was sweating bullets for the last 4 miles!  Saw all the dogs on my route today, the 4 dogs on Lakeview, no barking today which was nice, treats for all!  Then Blackie, our special pup who has got to be on his last leg, he can barely get to the fence anymore, his legs are so stiff he can’t even bend his front two legs.  Treats for that sweetheart for sure! 

I saw something weird on my way over to the lake, a huge egg (broken) right in the middle of the road.  Hmmm, there was also the goose family, Mom, Dad and three baby geese close by.  I stopped my Garmin and looked over by the lake, there were 3 more eggs, big ones, right by a pine tree, one was pretty much down in the needles the other two were sort of on the top.  I couldn’t figure out how that one egg ended up in the middle of the street, a raccoon? a dog? a possum?  There weren’t any ducks or geese around protecting the eggs, wondered if something had happened to the eggs mother?  Weird, I will keep my eyes on them each day.

WOW this post is much longer than I intended.  I just have a lot of crap in my head.  Kim will be back today sometime from her Marathon in Cleveland, which she finished in 4:38, excellent time, but she is supposed to be training for her 50 miler in October, shouldn’t she be slower?  That girl is a machine!

The air was thick…

The air was thick with Humidity!  Today I ran a 5k with my good friend Sheryl, it was definitely a last-minute decision since we just signed up yesterday.  I was originally supposed to go to Ohio this weekend with Kim for her XX marathon in Cleveland, but Stephanie is too close to baby due date for me to be that far away so I stayed home and off of work, YIPPEE!!

Yesterday  started with the delivery of my new refrigerator, yes, I had to purchase a new one, it was not a planned purchase thank goodness I still had my tax refund, well, it’s gone now!  After that I spent hours in the yard, HOURS!, trimming, weedeating, mowing, sweeping, general yard work that was way overdue.  I was worn out by the time I came inside in the afternoon.  I did manage to get the grocery store to slowly replenish the groceries I threw away last weekend.  Sad to see all that food thrown away, very sad for my pocketbook.

Sheryl registered us for the race in Bryant, I think it was called Hornets Hike for Haiti.  She said that so far about 300 people had registered, I haven’t run a 5k in a YEAR, it was early May last year when I ran the McArthur park 5k and set a PR of 28:30, I out did myself today 🙂

It stormed throughout the night starting around 2:30am, when I got up at 5:30 it was not raining, but started raining around 6am, luckily it stopped long enough for me to get out and get 1/2 a mile run in around the block which started the system.  I was off to Bryant around 7am.  I was really just wanting to stay under 28 minutes, since I have not been doing a lot of speed work I was not sure what I could pull out of my ass. 

I warmed up some more before the race, just about a 1/2 mile, just enough to know the air was thick!  It was hard to breathe and I was worried how I would do.  I was sizing up the competition before the race, disappointed to find out it was 10 year age groups instead of 5, this is not good for me since I am on the higher end instead of the lower end, it also meant Sheryl and I were in the same age group :(.

After my warm-up I made a last stop at the port-a-potty and it was time to start.  We made our way to the very front of the start, my toe was on the start line, Sheryl and Cami were right behind me, some sort of gun went off and we were out of there! 

The course wound through a few streets in an older section of Bryant, but I really have no idea where we were.  I just wanted to stay around 9:15 a mile, I checked my Garmin occasionally and I was always under, usually around 9:00.  Around half way I could feel my legs getting tired, I knew I had plenty of time and slowed just a bit to catch my breath, but about mile 2 I picked it up again and started picking people off.

We ran behind the school and I had not looked at my Garmin in a while, I was just hoping when I looked at my watch it would be below 28:00, it said 26:19!!  WHAT?  I was within 30 to 40 feet of the finish, I was shocked!  I finished 39th my official time was 26:38, OMG that is almost 2 minutes faster than last years PR, how the hell?  I have no idea, none!  Then I was a little bummed cause I thought WOW I’ll never beat that, this will be my last PR :(.  Everything was just perfect today, not sure where it came from, that puts my average at 8:36, never, ever did I think I would be able to keep a pace like that for more than a mile.  My average heart rate was 172 though, which is HIGH, no kidding, usually it’s around 145/150.

When I threw my finish card into the 40’s bucket there was only one other card, I knew I had 2nd in my age group, it was a great feeling.  Cami came in not long after I did and then Sheryl right after that.  They hung around with me to wait for the results which took FOREVER!  And then they called me as third, fishy, very fishy.

Anyway it was a great run and thank you Sheryl for asking me along!  Other than the unbearable humidity it was a stupendous effort by all!  I also got to meet Gracie, Sheryl’s little cutie grandbaby.  She was adorable. 

Does this make me want to go out and run another 5k next weekend, no way!  That was hard!  It might be another year before I run another one!

The Good and The Bad

It’s already Sunday, how can that be?  I’m already dreading going back to work tomorrow, ugh… I really hate it, every day it gets worse!  I have got to ramp up my search for a new job, this one is just too stressful and demanding.  I am so overwhelmed with tasks that I can’t ever seem to finish one project before something else is piled on top.  When I started back to work in August 09 there were 6 people in our office, now there are 3 and we are doing just as much business, oh but no overtime, you can work over, which I usually do, but no pay, just comp time, which will never happen because I’M TOO BUSY!  Okay enough belly aching!

We had the baby shower for my daughter yesterday, it was a total success, except for the lack of RSVP’s and people, which lent to a ton of leftover food which I couldn’t take any home because my REFRIGERATOR WENT OUT!  Yes, another straw on the camel’s back.

Thanks to my neighbor’s and Tammy I was able to keep some of the baby shower food cold so I wouldn’t kill anyone, but other than that everything in my freezer and fridge is ruined.  Good thing I’m not a cook or anything, but I did have salmon, chicken and veggies in the freezer, plus my Healthy Choice dinners which are all going in the trash today.

Back to the Baby Shower, it was a lot of fun.  Kim and I started our day with a 6 mile run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, nice cool morning, in the fifties and a little too much wind, but we blazed through the run in about an hour, it was weird, we got back and the parking lot was still full.  We had to head out to Wal-Mart to get an ice chest and ice to keep the Spinach Dip and Crab/Avocado Crustini mixture from ruining before the Shower.  Once we got back to my house it was showers and full speed ahead.  We didn’t stop until about 4pm.

Stephanie got TONS of nice gifts, I have no idea where she will put everything.  She was very happy and very pregnant, due in less than 30 days.  I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed our fun games. 

Veronica, a friend from work sells Pampered Chef and she brought all sorts of serving dishes and utensils for us to use, that was a huge help too.  She jumped right in and made everything look beautiful and appetizing.  Tammy pitched in too, helping get the room set up and cleaning up, I really have great friends and family.  My Aunt Martha was cutting up my tortilla wraps, Kim was arranging flowers (she missed her calling), Tammy was doing whatever anyone asked and so was my Mother.  We all had such a good time.  Thank you to everyone for helping and coming.  I hope I can put up pictures soon, if I ever get a card reader for my new camera.

Running is going good, nothing really “long”, I don’t have anything lined up except the Relay in October.  Oh, and Tupelo in September, that’s it for now, apparently I need to save my money for all these appliances and electronics that have been going out.  I sort of miss doing races, then again, not.  I missed going to the Women Can Run 5K yesterday.  My friend Sheryl ran it for the first time, I’m so glad she is running now and with the Tuesday and Thursday night runs with the LR group we will get in lots of runs together, which makes me happy. 

Well I have to go throw a bunch of food away, this makes me sick, it’s like throwing cash away.  If you are wondering I have called someone to come and assess the situation, but of course they cannot come until tomorrow and who knows what time, I’m sure as soon as I get to work they will call.  Isn’t that Murphy’s Law or something like that?  Hopefully I won’t have to buy a whole new unit and they can just fix it.  I don’t think I have an extra $1000 lying around that I don’t need.

Spring has Sprung!

Thank goodness it is finally spring!  Loving every day, so what if the pollen is driving everyone nuts, it’s still better than the crappy winter we had and with all the rain we had this weekend it will surely make it much better.

Since my computer died and I have not replaced it, I have been using Kim’s laptop (thank you Kimmy!) I find myself not using it near as much as I did my own.  I must find a new computer, soon.  

The running is going great, warm weather makes all the difference in the world.  The week started out rocky for some reason, I can’t remember why, I know on Tuesday Kim was under the weather and instead of getting up and running I rolled over and went back to sleep, lazy ass.  The rest of the week was not lazy.  On Wednesday we did our Lakewood loop, Wednesday night I went to my Cardio class, on Thursday Kim had to work early so I ran 4.5 miles in the morning and then met Kim at 6 pm for 4 miles up in the Heights.  Neither one of us are used to running in daylight, or in traffic for that matter.  We had run the same route the previous week with the owners of GO!Running and about croaked from either trying to keep up or dodging cars or hills, not sure which, but we were raring to do it again on Thursday.  We managed to squeeze in 4 miles even though I was having some stomach issues and didn’t know if I would make it or not.

Friday we decided to just run around the lake, we were both sick of the hills and wanted flat, it was VERY windy, same as Thursday night, severe storms were predicted for Friday night and it was definitely in the air. 

The storms did come and it was not fun, the tornado sirens went off several times during the night which means there is a tornado in the area, scary stuff when you are home alone with two kitties!  Tammy and I were texting back and forth about the weather, our life line to one another!  We survived, but the rain, lightning and thunder kept me up quite a bit during the night, it was definitely severe storms.

We had already decided we were going to run on Saturday morning unless it was torrential rain, lucky for us it was not raining at all, we caught a break.  We met the Little Rock Marathon Training group at the ADEQ Building at 6am.  I brought my rain jacket just in case and just tied it around my waist.  Kim and I both wore our hats, you never know!  Tammy has started coming back to the trainings too, she was going to run about 3 miles, Kim and I were down for 8.

Of course with all the severe weather still looming it was very humid, about 93%, so it was a little hard to breathe to say the least.  We ran up on our new found friend Patrick Barker at the Cook’s landing bathroom, but we had to make a stop and weren’t able to talk to him but just a sec.  When we came out we saw Tammy and waited on her, we told her she might want to turn around she was already at 1.5 miles, but she was doing a loop so we ran together for a little bit.

I think Tambo, if she stayed on the course she was telling us about, probably got about 4.5 miles!  Maybe she realized it was a little long and turned around.  Nothing extraordinary about our run, just the normal River Trail, the thing I hate about this route is you run long on the way out and short on the way back, BUT the way back always seems so long, I don’t get it.

We ran into Patrick again about mile 4 and ran with him for about a mile, he was telling us about his adventure of his first 50K, I think it was a 50K, lots of good stories from Patrick as usual, made that mile fly by!  We said our goodbyes and made our turnaround.  Funny thing was before we started running with patrick, kim said, I think he’s a gadget guy, and sure enough as soon as he ran over to us he said “I just checked radar and it looks like we are going to get rained on”, HA! It was so funny!  We were laughing about it later, he has his iPhone with him and I’m guessing that’s how he checked the radar.  I couldn’t do it and run, I’d definitely destroy it.

So we were on the River Trail back, making good time, around mile 7 and this big fat drops of rain started falling, uh oh.  Kim had taken her hat off earlier and asked “do you think I should put my hat on?”  Oh yeah, you better.  Sure enough it rained pretty hard on us the whole last mile, I put my handy dandy jacket on a little too late, but it helped and we made a speedy run back to the start.  Just a couple of minutes after we were finished it quit raining, of course.

We dried off, I brought dry clothes and changed then we met up at Starbuck’s in Maumelle, I think they have the best Barista’s in that Starbuck’s, I have never had a bad coffee from there.  We then headed to Kroger’s, short trip and then we headed home.

I had a hair appointment at 11am, just barely got home, did a few things and headed back out.  Once I got home in the afternoon I felt like crap, headache, sore throat, just icky.  I took a nap, but that didn’t help.  I was invited to go to Cabot for Annette’s announcement party as the new President of the Cabot Cruisers, but I just was blah and couldn’t muster up any get up and go to go.  Sorry Annette.

I thought a lot of my blahness was winter and maybe it was, but it is still hanging around, some days I just don’t want to go out of the house, or do anything in the house!  I’m not sure what it is, depression, old age, loneliness, boredom, work, I think a lot of it is work, it makes me sick, I do the best job I can do, but I know it’s not for me, there is no loyalty there and I really hate that, I will be there 9 years in 2 weeks, do they give a rat’s ass? not one bit.  So see, I think it is work, I need to really dig deep and look for a job I love.  Enough whining.

No running today, last night I really felt like dog poop so I begged off today, do i feel bad, nah not really, I will be running lots this week and I have tons of stuff to do for the baby shower on Saturday.

Until next time….