Spring has Sprung!

Thank goodness it is finally spring!  Loving every day, so what if the pollen is driving everyone nuts, it’s still better than the crappy winter we had and with all the rain we had this weekend it will surely make it much better.

Since my computer died and I have not replaced it, I have been using Kim’s laptop (thank you Kimmy!) I find myself not using it near as much as I did my own.  I must find a new computer, soon.  

The running is going great, warm weather makes all the difference in the world.  The week started out rocky for some reason, I can’t remember why, I know on Tuesday Kim was under the weather and instead of getting up and running I rolled over and went back to sleep, lazy ass.  The rest of the week was not lazy.  On Wednesday we did our Lakewood loop, Wednesday night I went to my Cardio class, on Thursday Kim had to work early so I ran 4.5 miles in the morning and then met Kim at 6 pm for 4 miles up in the Heights.  Neither one of us are used to running in daylight, or in traffic for that matter.  We had run the same route the previous week with the owners of GO!Running and about croaked from either trying to keep up or dodging cars or hills, not sure which, but we were raring to do it again on Thursday.  We managed to squeeze in 4 miles even though I was having some stomach issues and didn’t know if I would make it or not.

Friday we decided to just run around the lake, we were both sick of the hills and wanted flat, it was VERY windy, same as Thursday night, severe storms were predicted for Friday night and it was definitely in the air. 

The storms did come and it was not fun, the tornado sirens went off several times during the night which means there is a tornado in the area, scary stuff when you are home alone with two kitties!  Tammy and I were texting back and forth about the weather, our life line to one another!  We survived, but the rain, lightning and thunder kept me up quite a bit during the night, it was definitely severe storms.

We had already decided we were going to run on Saturday morning unless it was torrential rain, lucky for us it was not raining at all, we caught a break.  We met the Little Rock Marathon Training group at the ADEQ Building at 6am.  I brought my rain jacket just in case and just tied it around my waist.  Kim and I both wore our hats, you never know!  Tammy has started coming back to the trainings too, she was going to run about 3 miles, Kim and I were down for 8.

Of course with all the severe weather still looming it was very humid, about 93%, so it was a little hard to breathe to say the least.  We ran up on our new found friend Patrick Barker at the Cook’s landing bathroom, but we had to make a stop and weren’t able to talk to him but just a sec.  When we came out we saw Tammy and waited on her, we told her she might want to turn around she was already at 1.5 miles, but she was doing a loop so we ran together for a little bit.

I think Tambo, if she stayed on the course she was telling us about, probably got about 4.5 miles!  Maybe she realized it was a little long and turned around.  Nothing extraordinary about our run, just the normal River Trail, the thing I hate about this route is you run long on the way out and short on the way back, BUT the way back always seems so long, I don’t get it.

We ran into Patrick again about mile 4 and ran with him for about a mile, he was telling us about his adventure of his first 50K, I think it was a 50K, lots of good stories from Patrick as usual, made that mile fly by!  We said our goodbyes and made our turnaround.  Funny thing was before we started running with patrick, kim said, I think he’s a gadget guy, and sure enough as soon as he ran over to us he said “I just checked radar and it looks like we are going to get rained on”, HA! It was so funny!  We were laughing about it later, he has his iPhone with him and I’m guessing that’s how he checked the radar.  I couldn’t do it and run, I’d definitely destroy it.

So we were on the River Trail back, making good time, around mile 7 and this big fat drops of rain started falling, uh oh.  Kim had taken her hat off earlier and asked “do you think I should put my hat on?”  Oh yeah, you better.  Sure enough it rained pretty hard on us the whole last mile, I put my handy dandy jacket on a little too late, but it helped and we made a speedy run back to the start.  Just a couple of minutes after we were finished it quit raining, of course.

We dried off, I brought dry clothes and changed then we met up at Starbuck’s in Maumelle, I think they have the best Barista’s in that Starbuck’s, I have never had a bad coffee from there.  We then headed to Kroger’s, short trip and then we headed home.

I had a hair appointment at 11am, just barely got home, did a few things and headed back out.  Once I got home in the afternoon I felt like crap, headache, sore throat, just icky.  I took a nap, but that didn’t help.  I was invited to go to Cabot for Annette’s announcement party as the new President of the Cabot Cruisers, but I just was blah and couldn’t muster up any get up and go to go.  Sorry Annette.

I thought a lot of my blahness was winter and maybe it was, but it is still hanging around, some days I just don’t want to go out of the house, or do anything in the house!  I’m not sure what it is, depression, old age, loneliness, boredom, work, I think a lot of it is work, it makes me sick, I do the best job I can do, but I know it’s not for me, there is no loyalty there and I really hate that, I will be there 9 years in 2 weeks, do they give a rat’s ass? not one bit.  So see, I think it is work, I need to really dig deep and look for a job I love.  Enough whining.

No running today, last night I really felt like dog poop so I begged off today, do i feel bad, nah not really, I will be running lots this week and I have tons of stuff to do for the baby shower on Saturday.

Until next time….


2 Responses

  1. Called you yesterday…just to catch up…Sorry you aren’t feeling so hot! I’m not exactly looking forward to goin back to work this week either…I’m glad for you that you are enjoying the weather more..I wish I could zap myself back to Colorado, if only for my runs…where it’s COOLER..it’s not even summer yet!! Sigh….anyhoo…looking forward to seeing you guys Saturday afternoon at the shower!

  2. I heard the storms were bad. I have family that live in LR. I think night tornadoes are the worst! I’m ok when it’s daylight, but when the sun goes down and I can’t see the thing, it freaks me out!!!

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