The Good and The Bad

It’s already Sunday, how can that be?  I’m already dreading going back to work tomorrow, ugh… I really hate it, every day it gets worse!  I have got to ramp up my search for a new job, this one is just too stressful and demanding.  I am so overwhelmed with tasks that I can’t ever seem to finish one project before something else is piled on top.  When I started back to work in August 09 there were 6 people in our office, now there are 3 and we are doing just as much business, oh but no overtime, you can work over, which I usually do, but no pay, just comp time, which will never happen because I’M TOO BUSY!  Okay enough belly aching!

We had the baby shower for my daughter yesterday, it was a total success, except for the lack of RSVP’s and people, which lent to a ton of leftover food which I couldn’t take any home because my REFRIGERATOR WENT OUT!  Yes, another straw on the camel’s back.

Thanks to my neighbor’s and Tammy I was able to keep some of the baby shower food cold so I wouldn’t kill anyone, but other than that everything in my freezer and fridge is ruined.  Good thing I’m not a cook or anything, but I did have salmon, chicken and veggies in the freezer, plus my Healthy Choice dinners which are all going in the trash today.

Back to the Baby Shower, it was a lot of fun.  Kim and I started our day with a 6 mile run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, nice cool morning, in the fifties and a little too much wind, but we blazed through the run in about an hour, it was weird, we got back and the parking lot was still full.  We had to head out to Wal-Mart to get an ice chest and ice to keep the Spinach Dip and Crab/Avocado Crustini mixture from ruining before the Shower.  Once we got back to my house it was showers and full speed ahead.  We didn’t stop until about 4pm.

Stephanie got TONS of nice gifts, I have no idea where she will put everything.  She was very happy and very pregnant, due in less than 30 days.  I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed our fun games. 

Veronica, a friend from work sells Pampered Chef and she brought all sorts of serving dishes and utensils for us to use, that was a huge help too.  She jumped right in and made everything look beautiful and appetizing.  Tammy pitched in too, helping get the room set up and cleaning up, I really have great friends and family.  My Aunt Martha was cutting up my tortilla wraps, Kim was arranging flowers (she missed her calling), Tammy was doing whatever anyone asked and so was my Mother.  We all had such a good time.  Thank you to everyone for helping and coming.  I hope I can put up pictures soon, if I ever get a card reader for my new camera.

Running is going good, nothing really “long”, I don’t have anything lined up except the Relay in October.  Oh, and Tupelo in September, that’s it for now, apparently I need to save my money for all these appliances and electronics that have been going out.  I sort of miss doing races, then again, not.  I missed going to the Women Can Run 5K yesterday.  My friend Sheryl ran it for the first time, I’m so glad she is running now and with the Tuesday and Thursday night runs with the LR group we will get in lots of runs together, which makes me happy. 

Well I have to go throw a bunch of food away, this makes me sick, it’s like throwing cash away.  If you are wondering I have called someone to come and assess the situation, but of course they cannot come until tomorrow and who knows what time, I’m sure as soon as I get to work they will call.  Isn’t that Murphy’s Law or something like that?  Hopefully I won’t have to buy a whole new unit and they can just fix it.  I don’t think I have an extra $1000 lying around that I don’t need.

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