The air was thick…

The air was thick with Humidity!  Today I ran a 5k with my good friend Sheryl, it was definitely a last-minute decision since we just signed up yesterday.  I was originally supposed to go to Ohio this weekend with Kim for her XX marathon in Cleveland, but Stephanie is too close to baby due date for me to be that far away so I stayed home and off of work, YIPPEE!!

Yesterday  started with the delivery of my new refrigerator, yes, I had to purchase a new one, it was not a planned purchase thank goodness I still had my tax refund, well, it’s gone now!  After that I spent hours in the yard, HOURS!, trimming, weedeating, mowing, sweeping, general yard work that was way overdue.  I was worn out by the time I came inside in the afternoon.  I did manage to get the grocery store to slowly replenish the groceries I threw away last weekend.  Sad to see all that food thrown away, very sad for my pocketbook.

Sheryl registered us for the race in Bryant, I think it was called Hornets Hike for Haiti.  She said that so far about 300 people had registered, I haven’t run a 5k in a YEAR, it was early May last year when I ran the McArthur park 5k and set a PR of 28:30, I out did myself today 🙂

It stormed throughout the night starting around 2:30am, when I got up at 5:30 it was not raining, but started raining around 6am, luckily it stopped long enough for me to get out and get 1/2 a mile run in around the block which started the system.  I was off to Bryant around 7am.  I was really just wanting to stay under 28 minutes, since I have not been doing a lot of speed work I was not sure what I could pull out of my ass. 

I warmed up some more before the race, just about a 1/2 mile, just enough to know the air was thick!  It was hard to breathe and I was worried how I would do.  I was sizing up the competition before the race, disappointed to find out it was 10 year age groups instead of 5, this is not good for me since I am on the higher end instead of the lower end, it also meant Sheryl and I were in the same age group :(.

After my warm-up I made a last stop at the port-a-potty and it was time to start.  We made our way to the very front of the start, my toe was on the start line, Sheryl and Cami were right behind me, some sort of gun went off and we were out of there! 

The course wound through a few streets in an older section of Bryant, but I really have no idea where we were.  I just wanted to stay around 9:15 a mile, I checked my Garmin occasionally and I was always under, usually around 9:00.  Around half way I could feel my legs getting tired, I knew I had plenty of time and slowed just a bit to catch my breath, but about mile 2 I picked it up again and started picking people off.

We ran behind the school and I had not looked at my Garmin in a while, I was just hoping when I looked at my watch it would be below 28:00, it said 26:19!!  WHAT?  I was within 30 to 40 feet of the finish, I was shocked!  I finished 39th my official time was 26:38, OMG that is almost 2 minutes faster than last years PR, how the hell?  I have no idea, none!  Then I was a little bummed cause I thought WOW I’ll never beat that, this will be my last PR :(.  Everything was just perfect today, not sure where it came from, that puts my average at 8:36, never, ever did I think I would be able to keep a pace like that for more than a mile.  My average heart rate was 172 though, which is HIGH, no kidding, usually it’s around 145/150.

When I threw my finish card into the 40’s bucket there was only one other card, I knew I had 2nd in my age group, it was a great feeling.  Cami came in not long after I did and then Sheryl right after that.  They hung around with me to wait for the results which took FOREVER!  And then they called me as third, fishy, very fishy.

Anyway it was a great run and thank you Sheryl for asking me along!  Other than the unbearable humidity it was a stupendous effort by all!  I also got to meet Gracie, Sheryl’s little cutie grandbaby.  She was adorable. 

Does this make me want to go out and run another 5k next weekend, no way!  That was hard!  It might be another year before I run another one!


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