Birds and Tongue Rings

As I was running this morning by myself a couple of thoughts went through my mind, actually more than a couple, but these two were what I was thinking when I got home. 

One, the damned birds who keep getting in my walls!  Over my extended weekend there was a bird stuck in between the bathroom wall and my closet.  First off, the cats sit and stare at the wall, they can hear the scratching and pecking, but can’t figure out what to do, me either!  Well, I know what I have to do, but geez, cut another hole in my wall?  Very annoying.

The first signs of said bird were on Thursday night, but I really was not in the mood to deal with it since I had gotten in late from running with the Little Rock Marathon Group over at Easy Runner.  I met Sheryl, we signed and put our names in the hat for a drawing they were having for a new pair of shoes!  Right before we headed out they drew a name “Missy” and then “Cheryl”, which one?? not me, but Sheryl won a brand new pair of Nike’s.  She was so excited and I was glad one of us won.  It was warm out and there was a little breeze, we kept a better pace than the week before.  I will get her through this course without stopping!  I believe our time was 1 minute faster than the week before, YEA!!!

Friday got up as usual, maybe close to 5am instead of 4:20, but who’s keeping up?  Went out and did my customary loop, got back, made coffee and not long after they called to deliver the new fridge.  While I was waiting I cleared out the bottom of my closet so I could cut a hole in the sheet rock and hopefully release the bird!  I sat in the floor with my serrated knife, note to self, buy a sheet rock knife, and decided where to make the cut.  This is not easy with a regular knife, cut probably a 4×4 square, no bird hopped out, hmmm.  Grabbed the flashlight and a mirror, CRAP!  there was a piece of wood right above where I cut, the bird must be above the board, this sucks!

Later on after the fridge was delivered and I jumped in the shower, still in my robe I decided to start on the hole again, this time above the board and a slightly smaller hole, still no bird, DAMN IT!  The hole was smaller so I couldn’t get the mirror in, but with the flashlight I could make out some feathers down to the right, reached my hand in and grabbed the bird, YIKES!  Scared myself and let go and he started flying around the house, the cats went NUTS!!  The bird was going for the windows and the cats, especially Smokey was all about a morning bird snack!  He may be old, but his cat instinct is not lost!  He cornered the bird in the dining room, at one point I thought he had it, but he didn’t, thank goodness, then the bird flew to the kitchen window and I finally caught it with my hands, opened the screen door and it flew away!  SUCCESS! 

That makes 4 holes in my walls that I have not fixed, I have the materials to fix them, but I have to prevent the birds from getting in first, what’s the point of fixing the holes if they can get back in?  I need a very tall ladder to put screens over the eaves, that’s where they are getting in.  Soon, very soon.

Next thought, tongue rings, I have nothing against them, unless you can’t talk!  I had a girl come in last week for an INTERVIEW with a tongue ring, obvious tongue ring, number 1 it was distracting, number 2 it slurred her speech, number 3 what’s the point?  Here’s my pet peeve for this week, if you have a tongue ring and you have an interview with me or anyone else, for a job, take OUT your tongue ring.  It is not pretty, it does not get you a job, it is distracting and you talk funny.  Yes, you have the right to pierce whatever  body part you want, but when you are going for a job interview you must want a job, right?  Take my advice, take it out!  You can put it right back in when you get in the car, or I guess you can, or are they permanent, GOD I hope not, what if they are permanent and you need an MRI? 

Nice solo run this morning, weird weather though, it felt really cool out, about 60 degrees, but it was humid as hell, so cool and humid, how does that work?  Well, I had a light jacket on for the first mile and was sweating bullets for the last 4 miles!  Saw all the dogs on my route today, the 4 dogs on Lakeview, no barking today which was nice, treats for all!  Then Blackie, our special pup who has got to be on his last leg, he can barely get to the fence anymore, his legs are so stiff he can’t even bend his front two legs.  Treats for that sweetheart for sure! 

I saw something weird on my way over to the lake, a huge egg (broken) right in the middle of the road.  Hmmm, there was also the goose family, Mom, Dad and three baby geese close by.  I stopped my Garmin and looked over by the lake, there were 3 more eggs, big ones, right by a pine tree, one was pretty much down in the needles the other two were sort of on the top.  I couldn’t figure out how that one egg ended up in the middle of the street, a raccoon? a dog? a possum?  There weren’t any ducks or geese around protecting the eggs, wondered if something had happened to the eggs mother?  Weird, I will keep my eyes on them each day.

WOW this post is much longer than I intended.  I just have a lot of crap in my head.  Kim will be back today sometime from her Marathon in Cleveland, which she finished in 4:38, excellent time, but she is supposed to be training for her 50 miler in October, shouldn’t she be slower?  That girl is a machine!


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