Maumelle Double Run

This week the Little Rock Marathon Training Group met at Lake Willastein in Maumelle.  Kim is BACK from the Cleveland marathon and I guess she is ready to start her training for her next event, some 50 miler in Nashville.  UGH, this means she will be pulling me along in her crazy Kimmy Training.

We we going to run 8 miles yesterday, but I had to go to the bathroom so we made a slight adjustment to our route and ran up to McDonald’s for a quick bathroom stop, this gave us 8.71 miles for Saturday, pace around 10:32.  We also snagged a sign off the side of the road for Kim’s beau “Putting Greens Closed”, random sign, but perfect for him because he is a golf nut.  She toted that sign for about 5 miles.

Kim wanted to run again today and sent me a message last night, “let’s do the same route, say 9 or 10 miles” uhhh, okay, I say this lightly because my ass is so fat and I have got to get 4 pounds off!!  I thought I lost two pounds, but I found them, right on my ass!

We met at the same time in Maumelle to beat the heat and it was a lot warmer today, it didn’t take long before we were drenched in sweat, I think starting temp was mid 70s.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to do back to back 9 milers, it’s been a couple of months since I’ve done a couple of mid-distances back to back.  It was an out and back course so if it got too bad we could always cut it short.

We got to the Field of Dreams (baseball complex) and we spotted a large round object in the parking lot, hmmm, oh it’s a turtle who has lost its way!  We decided to move it over to the grass so it wouldn’t get run over, he was huge!  As soon as I picked him (or her) up he started peeing, eek, not on my new shoes mister!  He was as big as a salad plate.  I put him in the grass and of course he was shy and kept his head tucked in.  We were off again. 

Kim and I both had on new shoes (happy feet) my right foot has been throbbing for a few days, with or without running and I wanted to try out my new shoes.  They felt great for cushioning, Mizuno Wave Creation 11, I bought them a few months ago, but have been wearing my Brooks Glycerines until they wear out, I think they are close to the yard work retirement pile.  My foot, right where a bunion would be was still hurting, but the shoes will get 2 thumbs up.

As Kim and I were running on Count Massie Rd. we stumbled upon another turtle, who was destined to be run over since it was crossing the road, I grabbed her from the throes of certain death and put her on the side of the road, she was not scared at all, kept her head and legs out at all times, but she was much smaller, a one handed turtle. 

We ran the same route as yesterday, up to McDonald’s where we got two Big Mac’s to go, no, just kidding, we used the facilities and headed back.  It was a lot tougher today for sure, around mile 7 I was ready for it to be over, legs were heavy, breathing was getting harder and I was soaked.  We finished only about a minute or two after yesterday’s time, same distance, so not too bad at all.  Saved two turtles, saw one snake (dead) lots of birds, all of which I pointed out to Kim and named them too :), she thinks I’m just old (which I am), had Starbucks each day, yummy, and hopefully sweat off some poundage.  Sick of this extra fat around my middle!  Now it’s off to yard work, ugh.


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  1. So happy to drag you into “Kimmy training”!!! Just glad you are going along with my crazy requests!!! 🙂

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