Time flies and running is tough

It seems like just yesterday I was struggling to run 3 miles, Saturday I was struggling to run 10 and actually didn’t, I only could muster 8.5, it was so humid and I couldn’t breathe. 

Let’s start with the week in review, it started out hot and ending hot, not complaining because I hate winter so much, but the mornings have been a little muggy to say the least, humidity has been around 90% or higher every day.  Kim and I have been balls of sweat by the time we finish, lots of stinky, wet clothes, but we are still managing to keep a good pace until this weekend.

We did see the fox once more during the week, he scared the crap out of us once more on one of our morning runs, we just steer clear and try not to look at him. 

Baby S news, poor thing, Stephanie called me on Wednesday morning and said they were at Children’s Hospital, WHAT!!, scared the crap out of me to say the least.  Apparently the baby had a horrible bout with diarrhea starting Tuesday afternoon and they went to the ER on Tuesday night when she was vomiting too.  They weren’t sure what was causing her distress so they did all sorts of test, including 3 attempts at a spinal, lots of cultures, finger pricks, and an iv in her tiny little hand. 

I made my way to the hospital where Stephanie and the baby were in some sort of nurses area, no rooms available, very cramped, but nurses right there with 4 beds, almost like a ward, but tiny.  No room for visitors for sure.  Tiny little 2 week old Baby S was sleeping, IV going to replace her fluids.  She did wake up an hour or so after I got there, Stephanie fed her and I burped her and held her, so tiny and sweet.  Poor sick little baby. 

Around 11:00am my Mother was on her way and since everything was quiet I headed to work.  I got a call around 1:00pm that they were going home, it was Rotavirus.  It can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting, the worse of which is the dehydration to tiny babies, usually strikes older babies though.  Probably some contact with some kids that were over on the weekend, ugh.  Anyway, she is doing much, much better.

Ahh, the run this weekend, Saturday started off good, Sheryl came and ran with us for 3 miles, we saw Tammy, but she didn’t run with us.  Not sure if I had a little heat exhaustion or just tired, but just felt drained, legs were heavy, waves of nausea, just didn’t think I could make the 10 miles so we turned off and headed back to the River Market.

We had a nice little shopping extravaganza at the Farmer’s Market, lots of fresh blackberries, peaches, blueberries, yum.  Then we settled down at a picnic table with some iced mochas or something iced, we weren’t really sure, but it was delish and cold.

Sunday, I was worried that the same thing would happen as Saturday.  We had decided to do the same River Market 10 mile route.  Kim and I met at 6am, it was 77 degrees with 91% humidity, ugh.  I told her I was going to take it easy, no speed demons. 

First stop was around 2.5 miles, Valero, coldest gas station ever, oh what a relief!  Off again, still feeling okay, second stop Doubletree hotel, probably around mile 5.5, nice cold hotel.  Next stop around mile 7, Holiday Inn where we asked for a cup of ice water, but this nice young Asian man gave us both styrofoam cups with lots of ice/water and straws, we looked like crazy runners I’m sure, carrying stryofoam cups, but we didn’t care, it go our body temperatures in check and really made a huge difference.

Around mile 9 I couldn’t catch my breath, we stopped at Capitol and Broadway, my heart rate would not go below 130, Kim’s of course was down to 88, go figure, once again, she’s a machine :).  I was looking uphill and dreading it, wondering why I couldn’t get my breathing or heart rate under control, hmmm, hot, humid, old, oh that’s probably it.  Bu, you would think by now I would be better at this, not so much.

It wasn’t getting any better so we took off for our last mile, it was tough, still carrying our styrofoam cups which we had poured our own water/G2/ctyomax into so it would be nice and cold, I don’t think we would have made the 10 miles without the ice water, it was definitely a good move!

Once we finally arrive back at the start we stretched, wiped off the sweat and grabbed an ice cole Diet Mt. Dew.  I tried to call Stephanie so we could go see the baby, but no answer.  We decided to go up to Starbucks and grab some caffeine while waiting on Stephanie to call us back. 

We drank our cold frappucinos outside and read part of the paper with a couple of gals and a huge dog, along with some smokers on the other end of the porch, ugh.  Still no call.  We headed to Walgreens to kill some more time, nothing much there either, when we leaving I tried to call Stephanie, yippee we got her and she said come on over!  Baby time!

It didn’t take us long to get over there, we washed our hands and it was Baby Time!!  Lots of holding, feeding, burping, cooing, we just had a blast.  Took some pictures, of course and had a nice visit.  I had taken over some baby pictures of Stephanie when she was newborn, the baby favors Stephanie much more than Aaron. :).

I was so happy the baby is feeling better, when we left she was all tuckered out.  After I dropped Kim off it was home to catch up on a few things around the house.


Wild Things!

It’s been a crazy week!  I’ve been extra busy at work, still can’t get a handle on my workload and I hate it, no sense of accomplishment, ever.  Very frustrating, it makes everything just a little more stressful.

It’s definitely summertime running, temperatures not getting below 70, usually our 5am runs have been around 72-75 degrees and muggy.  Not complaining too much, its lots better than winter, no decisions as to what to wear each morning, as little as possible. 

Ran with Sheryl on Tuesday night, which was probably the hottest run of the week, I’m guessing around 90 degrees, humid with little or no breeze at all.  We had a choice whether to run at the track with the Firecracker 5K group or the Go Running group, Kim wanted us to run with the Go Running group and we thought it would not be as bad since we wouldn’t A) be on the track and B) we would have some shade.  Well, we had some shade and we weren’t on the track, but it was hot and our speed showed it, I think our pace was around 11:00 minute miles and then Kim backed out on us 🙂 

Took Wednesday off from running, but was back in full force on Thursday with both a morning run with Kim around the hood where Kim scared the crap out of me!  We were over on the back side of Lake #2 when she said “Oh my God! Stop!”  I was looking all around, figured a snake, but she said no, it’s a FOX!  Sure enough over on the left hand side of the road there was a fox, just staring at us.  We weren’t sure what to do.  He was skinny and probably looking for rabbits, I knew we were not his prey, but I sure didn’t want a fox chasing us.  We looked away and walked on the opposite side of the street.  He finally sat down just like a dog.  We kept looking over our shoulders at him, it was the wildest thing!  A car finally came along and scared him off.  Whew!  I thought we had seen him before back in the winter when it was dark in the mornings, we saw something at that same spot, the silhouette looked like a fox, now I’m pretty certain that’s what it was.

Thursday night was our run with the Little Rock marathon group at Easy Runner, but at around 5:30 it was storming and pouring buckets!  I was running late because I had employees wanting paychecks and for some reason I was having computer issues, of course.  I had sent Sheryl a text and told her to sign me in.  I ended up getting over to Easy Runner just a little after 6pm, it was still lightning a bit, but the rain had let up.  We all ended up waiting about 15 minutes more until the storm passed and ran in the rain.  It was actually pretty nice not running in the 90 degree heat.  We had a decent run even though it was hills, again.

Friday it was raining so another rest day, my head was celebrating, but my fat ass was not.  For some reason I keep getting fatter, maybe I should quit eating so much.  According to my scales I gained 4.5 pounds in 1 week, is that possible?  Holy Shit that pisses me off!  Where the hell did I put 4.5 pounds, oh there it is, in my fat ass!!!  Geez….

Saturday, oh my, well it started off at 6am at ADEQ close to the River Trail.  Sheryl and kami where there too, but no Tammy.  Sheryl and kami were running 4 miles, me and Kim 10, Kim had gotten there at 5am and had already run 4 miles, training for her 50 miler. 

We realized it was going to be a scorcher when it started out at 78 degrees and super humid, sweating before we got a 1/4 mile into our run.  I was having problems breathing early on, not sure why, fat? probably.  We, me, Sheryl and Kim stopped at Cook’s landing to go to the bathroom, we noticed lots of bikers, lots more than normal.  Then we noticed some had race numbers, hmmm, didn’t think much about it and we were off again.

We lost Sheryl and Kami at Cook’s and we were on our own.  Lots of bikes, lots.  We were running on the River Trail and noticed tons of cars parked over at the soccer field, hmmm, it is some sort of race, we could see the Start banner.  We stopped at the nice new bathroom around mile 4 and ran into some girls on bikes.  They told us it was the Tour de Rock, all different mileage and they would be heading in the same direction as we were, uhh, okay.  She thought we might encounter the mass close to the Quarry and we might have to give way for a minute or two.  Okay, by us, we probably had about 1.5 miles to go before we turned around.

As we were coming up to the wooden bridge, behind us I could hear this roar, first it sounded like bees buzzing, it got louder and louder and then OMG!  It was the leaders of the race, zoom, zoom, I think I let out a little scream.  We looked back and there were hundreds of bikes, HUNDREDS!  We stopped and just watched, it was too dangerous to keep running.  We thought the mass of bikes had passed us and we started running again, but here they came, more bikes!  They even warned us “lots more bikes coming”, OMG, it was insane.  We thought we might wait a couple of minutes, but no way, we would have been there for 30 minutes or more waiting for them to get across the wooden bridge so we decided to turn around and take the soccer field route back.

We walked a few times, I just couldn’t breath, it was hot, but that wasn’t it, my heart rate was high, it wouldn’t settle in.  Normally, it gets to about 148 or 150, but it stayed around 160, which made me more out of breath, ugh.  I thought the run would never be over.  We only ended up with 9 miles, even though we took the long route back through the soccer fields, I felt like we ran 10 miles, oh well.

We had ice-cold Diet Mt. Dew’s waiting on us when we finished, oh man they were so good!  We stretched and then headed to my most hated store, Wal-Mart, I needed cat food, it happened to be the closest and it was actually a nice store (maumelle).  After that adventure I headed home to get the yard mowed and then later to see Baby S, she of course never woke up the whole time I was there, hoping she will at least wake up a bit when I go back this afternoon.

I have not had any energy today, no I did not run, thought about it, but just didn’t want to and my legs didn’t want to either, so we slept in to a whopping 5:30am!  Read the paper, drank coffee, washed clothes, played on the computer a bit, but just have no “umph”.  Maybe because my fat ass is lazy 😦

Back to running in the morning, gotta get this weight back off, hate it, makes me hate myself, jiggle butt.

Catching Up

Well it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve been busy and really hate the computer.  So, just wanted to catch all my devoted fans 🙂 up on the news around my neck of the woods.

Running bunches, Kim has dragged me into her training and I’ve been running with Sheryl as well, so double duty, but I HOPE it is helping my endurance if not my fat ass.  I have to remind Kim that I need a day off every now and then, she is a machine!

Bigger news, drum roll please….. Grandbaby, yes, sweet bundle of joy arrived on June 2 after almost 24 hours of labor, not hard labor like in days gone by, they just dope them up!  But, that’s a whole other story.  Little Baby Girl arrived around 1am on Wednesday morning, National Running Day! weighing in at 8lbs 2oz.  Lots of dark hair.  I will try to get pics posted soon.  I’ve seen her almost every day since she was born, so sweet we just stare at her.

Work still sucks, economy sucks, here is something I noticed, don’t laugh, but my toilet paper rolls are bigger around, I mean the cardboard part, so that means less toilet paper, I also noticed the rolls are shorter too.  So, no the price didn’t go up, but we are getting less, hmmm.  Also, every bill, DSL, satellite, home insurance, car insurance, bills that are static, or the same each month, have all gone up, some by as much as 10%, but I am making less money than I made a year ago, hmmm, what do I cut in order to make up the difference?  Food, gas, doctor visits, dentist? Ugh… 

Well, I did not run this morning, but we are running tonight, so I need to get off of this computer and get ready for work.