No Billy Goats here!

That’s right folks, I’m no Billy Goat and I think they left that out as one of the requirements for the 25k Trail Run Kim and I did last night at Lake Sylvia!

Let’s start at the beginning.  Met up with Kim and Josh on Hwy 10 where we met with Tom and Hobbit to follow them to Lake Sylvia, this was at 6:30pm.  It was 100 degrees according to the car temperature, ugh.  We were not running until 8, so maybe it would get a little cooler.

Once at the Lake, we lucked out and found a primo parking space right up front, cause there weren’t any left and someone was leaving!  Kim and I signed in, got our bibs, made our donation and proceeded to gear up.  Spray down with OFF, fuel belt, visor, two headlamps, and then wait…. Okay, maybe we were a little anxious.  It actually didn’t feel too hot just standing around, we were right by Lake Sylvia, very pretty.  We saw lots of people we knew, Arland, who was running the 50K, Leah T, who was running who knows what, lots of people we see at all the Little Rock races or on our Saturday runs.

8:00, they make a few announcements and then BAM! We are out of there, there was a map, but it meant nothing, no real roads, only Forest Service Roads, which I didn’t know if they were marked or not, so we went mapless.  I guess the first 1/3 mile was asphalt and then that was it, gravel and packed dirt roads.

First 4 miles, UPHILL!  It was still daylight so we could see all the rocks, dips, cliffs and dangers.  There were lots of people still around us for the first 4-6 miles and everyone kept saying “oh but the last 4 miles is downhill”, nice thought.  Kim and I were so thankful to be finished with those 4 uphill miles, and I mean uphill, not inclines.  Everyone was walking up at some point on those 4 miles, some were just so steep you could only walk.

We thought YAY, we are at the top, OH HELL, what is this? Another hill? and another? and another?  It was misery!  We ran some of the hills that were actual hills, but there was this one hill that took you up to the turnaround point, HOLY HELL!  It was a monster!  No running up that baby.

When we finally got to the turnaround, YIPPEE!  We were so excited we actual drank sodas that weren’t diet!  Refreshing and ice cold, that’s all that mattered.  They had tons of stuff to eat and drink, fruit, cookies, crackers, candy, a little bit of everything.  Grabbed some grapes, filled up my water bottle with ice and Gatorade. 

We saw our running buddy Patrick at the turnaround, we saw him at sign in but never saw him again until that point.  Saw lots of other familiar faces too, but hard to see people, it was pitch dark by then and the only light was everyone’s headlamps.

I think Kim did jump over one snake, but for the most part we were concentrating too hard on not breaking an ankle to notice the snakes, or bats, or scorpions.  The bugs weren’t as bad as I expected, I thought “swarms”, especially with our headlamps, but surprisingly they weren’t bad.  I’m sure that huge coating of OFF I put on before we left kept them away 🙂

We were so glad to leave the turnaround, yippee!  on our way back to civilization!  What the hell?  Where did all these hills come from?  It’s like one after another, up and down, geez, will it ever end?  It was hard to run down the hills because of the loose rocks, as I mentioned, billy goats we are not!  The flat areas or smaller hills we were able to run, but if it was too steep, nope, we will just do the Sheryl power walk.

Kim twisted her foot at one point, not bad, but enough to just bother her for the rest of the run back, we had to be very careful, I would run in front and warn her of loose rocks, big rocks, dips in the road, or whatever, really hard to see, even with the headlamps.  We we always semi-close to other runners until the very end and hell, I have no idea where they all went, I guess they must have flew down the hills.

Maybe if we had been on a trail run at least once previously we wouldn’t have been so cautious, but neither one of us wanted to get hurt, so cautious was better than hurt in our opinion.

We knew we were getting close to the turn off and didn’t want to miss it, paying close attention to everything, our surroundings, the road, creatures, other runners, it was a little overwhelming.  I felt like I was working much harder than I normall do on a morning run in the dark, I like pavement, even though my joints may like the softer surfaces.

We were so relieved to see the turn off, we thought we were almost there, no, not really, another couple of miles and the worst, just because there were cars driving on this section who apparently didn’t give a rat’s ass if we were on the road or not.  The dust was horrible, it took a good 5 minutes after each vehicle passed for us to be able to see again, plus it was all over us and our sweaty skin, yuck.  It was nasty.

Yes, the last few miles were downhill, but we thought it would never end and we found that we were pretty much alone, no runners in front or back of us.  Where did they go, it got a little Blair witch project at that point and I really just wanted to sprint, but we just slowly ran, creepy, very creepy.  I would not want to be out there alone, I was thinking about Arland and how there was no way in hell I would have done the 50K by myself.  I hope he found someone to run with, but guys are different, you know, tough, right?

We finally could see some lights in the distance, we were getting excited, people, land, cold drinks, yippee!  And then ASPHALT!!!  OMG!  I wanted to go down on my knees and kiss the ground, I have never been so happy to see pavement!  It was like an old friend showed up to greet us, we were so happy, our pace picked up and we ran to the finish area.  We heard Tom say, hey I know those Crackheads, it was funny.

What a freaking relief, I don’t believe I will be doing this run again next year, too rocky for me, left my hoofs at home!  Congratulations to all those people who just loved it and finished.

The group, I think it is AURA, did a fantastic job, lots of water, food and Gatorade at the turnaround and finish area, not to mention water at the water stop.  Well organized, even though it wasn’t an actual “race”.  My garmin said 15 miles with a time of 3:15:18, which ended up being about a 13 minute mile, SLOW, yes, but considering how much we had to walk and the hills, not bad, not complaining.

Sore a bit today, feet and butt mostly, glad today is a rest day, I could use a good massage!  Mark this one off our list, 25K and trail run all in one, oh and at night too.

Did I mention how much my feet hurt while I was running, yikes, those rocks took their toll on my feet, do you get used to that or wrong shoes?  I just wore my regular running shoes, not a trail shoe.


25K Trail Run TONIGHT!!

Kinda anxious about our 25K run tonight, starting at 8pm! One of our runner friends, Patrick, said he was out on the same trail last week at night and saw 8 copperheads, scorpions and bats!! Eekkk!!! I told kim about the snakes, but not the scorpions or the bats. We will be shrieking like scared little girls!

July 21??

Are you kidding me?  I think someone stole July 1-20, because I don’t recall any of it, well that’s not really true, but it went by so fast.  I hate how summer flies by and winter creeps. 

We’ve had some pretty decent runs, no real “WOW that was an awesome run” or “WOW that really sucked” well I take that back on the sucked part, Tuesday sucked, my insides were coming out, or that’s what it felt like thanks to Mother Nature, but we won’t dwell on that subject, Ugh…. 

Today we had a guest runner with us, Madelyn from the Little Rock Marathon Training Group met me and Kim at Lakewood lake #3 at 5:15am.  It was nice to have someone new to run with, Kim and I talk about the same ole crap and bitch about the same ole crap everyday!  We need someone else’s crap to listen to for a change.  It was a nice run, I think she might be a tad bit faster than us, at one point she got pretty far ahead of us and then I think she realized she didn’t know where she was going and fell back in line with us.  The time went by faster than normal, but it was still super hot and humid.

I tried out a headlamp this morning in preparation for the Full moon 25K, which I strapped around my chest, bad idea, for one thing it bounced back and forth way too much and then it started sliding down.  You may be asking your self, how did it slide down, didn’t her boobs catch it? Uh, no, I strapped it under the boobage, such as it is, ending up ditching the light before we got 1/2 a mile.  Will try the Petzl on the forehead tomorrow.

Work is getting worse instead of better, so I am officially on the job hunt, well officially afer I find my resume which is on a disk from my blown up computer, I hope and pray.

Started a new Boot Camp at the Community Center, love it!!  I’m going once or twice a week, depending on the running schedule, wish I could go more, hope it will make me not so jiggly.

Dead Squirrel

There was a stench in the air when I opened the shed to get the lawnmower out, the task of locating a dead animal was not fun, but easy, I just followed the flies. Gross, removing the poor dead squirrel from the shed will not soon be forgotten, gag, hold breath, gag, shovel, scoop, gag, hold breath until I almost passed out. Disgusting.

Lazy Days and Baby Girls

Yes, it’s been awhile since I have posted anything, but mostly, I’m pooped.  Running about 40 miles a week and work sucks ass.

There are no more cool morning runs, they are all sweat filled bitch fests, mostly me bitching about work, I’ve got to start looking for something else, the stress is driving my acne into massive overdrive and then that stresses me out too!  GEEZZZZ

On the run front, the relay that I was planning on doing in October, out.  Not enough participation on my team so…..along with my friend Eric, who was going to do the relay too, we signed up for the Boston 1/2 Marathon to be held on 10-10-10, it sold out in about 3 hours, I’m pumped!!  Then the following weekend I will be tagging along with Kim to Nashville, TN where I will run the last 10-15 miles with her in her first Ultra, 50 miler!!  Oh, and that’s not all, Tupelo 1/2 Marathon on September 5th and St. Jude’s 1/2 Marathon in December, WOW!!  That sounds like a bunch of freaking running!  I should be ready with all this mileage.

Baby Girls, what can I say, my little sweet pea grandbaby is just the best, I try to keep her at least one day each weekend and it’s the best part of my week!  She is just 6 weeks old but the sweetest thing ever, I never knew how much I would enjoy her.  Here are some great pics of her that were made when she was 4 weeks old, I think I must have one of each since I could never pick just one.

What else?  Getting old and not liking it at all, my ass is getting wider, I’ve giving trying to LOSE any weight, cause it’s just not happening!  Haven’t been on the scales in 2 weeks!  I used to weigh myself every Friday without fail, no more, it’s too depressing.  Wrinkles and saggy skin, yuck and double yuck, I will find a way to finance a new face, soon.  I don’t know what to do about the wrinkles on my knees though, where the hell did those come from?

Rave reviews – Couple of things I’m loving these days.  SofSole Socks, to be exact the Coolmax Trainer low-cut sock, they are perfect!  Cushioned on the bottom, but super cool on top, oh and the best part, they DON’T slid down my foot!  They are seamless and stay put, feet are dry and in this heat….yippee!  Another thing I love is Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara, it’s the best, believe me I’ve tried tons, Clinque, Estee lauder, Loreal, which I do love Loreal Natural instincts mascara too, but all the others, nope.  The only problem with the Maybelline Colossal is I seem to buy it more often, like there is not that much in the tube?  not sure.

Things I’m hating – My old sports bras, ugh, I really need to invest in some new ones, all my good old ones, they really aren’t that old are stinky, some worse than others, but I hate to give them up cause I love them even though they smell like sweaty girl runner.  I also hate how EVERYTHING is going up in price, except my paycheck, groceries are ridiculous, gas, utilities, DSL, insurance, satellite (Directv), iced mocha’s, my mortgage just went up 90 bucks a month!  Did I get a raise to pay that extra $90? nope, guess I’ll have to cut my iced mochas out, which I only get as a treat after long runs 😦  It’s just sad that we work so hard to buy things, to have things and we get less and less and can’t even save a penny toward any savings because it all goes to living everyday, that really pisses me off.  OH, and I get my 401K statement today, OMG, I lost a little over $4000 last quarter, are you kidding me?  nope, $4000 smackeroos down the drain, made me a little nauseated.

Gotta run for now, OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!!  Kim and I are running the Full Moon 25K next weekend at Lake Sylvia, it starts at 8pm, eek!!  We are so excited I don’t know how I forgot!  We will be armed with headlamps and bug spray!  It should be loads of fun!

Sweat Fest

Wow! I’m nothing but a ball of sweat! Temperature 75, but the humidity is 93%! Yikes!! Got in 5 miles with Kimbo this morning, good run except for the breathing part, I must have misplaced my gills.

Yucky run

Horrible run this morning, not sure what the problem was. Ran 3.5 miles walked about 1 mile after that, just didn’t have the umph, oh well, I will try again tonight.