I need to….

Wow, I have a huge list of I need to, but my motivation is lacking in most areas.  I need to clean my house, but ugh, I hate to clean, I would rather read or watch a movie.  I need to pay bills, but I would rather cut off my arm and for some reason my online banking isn’t working, so I guess I don’t have to do that today.  I need to mow the yard, but it’s yucky humid outside and I don’t want to sweat anymore today, plus the yard is dry and dusty and there is nothing worse than sweating with yard stuck to you.  I need to sweep the driveway, stupid neighbor keeps blowing his yard shit in the street which in turn blows in my driveway, he is uphill from me, I cuss him every week, this week I stood on my porch staring at him, cussing as he blew his yard clippings into the street.  I thought the daggers I was throwing him from my eyeballs would somehow pierce his brain, he’s an idiot.  I need to find my diamond earring, about a month ago I took them out while I was in the living room, laid them on the end table and told myself, get up and put them away, get up and put them away, okay in 5 minutes.  Well, I forgot and when I got up in the morning, OH NO!!!  I remembered and one was missing, I’m sure Roxy has either eaten it or batted it somewhere never to be found.  I have searched for it and still continue to search for it, but it bothers me every weekend that I still can’t find it, woe is me. 

Let’s talk about the weekend, last weekend, I was the recipient of baby S, an all day babysitting duty, it was just grand, she was perfect except for the 2 screams when she was hungry.  Kim came by and squeezed in some time with her too. 

Running all week with a couple of very nice mornings where the humidity was much lower, heavenly, puts a little pep in your step.  I wanted to take a rest day toward the end of the week, but didn’t because of the coolness, I’m glad I didn’t because I would have kicked myself for missing the nice weather.

On Thursday instead of meeting everyone at Easy Runner for our group run we had a treat at Murray Park, we were joined on our run by Joan Benoit Samuelson, yep, Olympic Gold medal winner, impressive to say the least.  When I was driving down to the Park I saw this small woman running (fast) with this read cap on, I thought to myself, that’s her, no doubt, nobody else around here would be running like that! 

Got to our pavilion and waited for the girls to get there, I had printed out some info on Joan, which was just overwhelming, she won Boston 2 times and came in 3rd another time, plus the Olympics, just an amazing career in running and apparently still going strong at 53!  Before long Kim came running up as I read off the list of Joan facts, then Sheryl and Kami drove up and I had to rope them into my madness too.

We were all waiting patiently for the Joan to show up and I knew it!! It was the little woman in the red hat, she just came running up out of nowhere.  Gary Smith the owner of Easy Runner introduced Joan and Tom gave us some instructions about the route and we were off.  Little did I know, the 4 of us were in front, but believe me, not for long, the pack just left us in the dust, Joan included, she whizzed past us with a pack of boys.

Our route took us over the Big Dam Bridge and then back, ugh for the bridge, it was hot, thank goodness there was a breeze or it would have been miserable.  Tom and Hobbit or Gary, not sure who, but they had managed to get some ice water on the NLR side of the bridge, it was much appreciated and needed!

We made pretty good time and were greeted by Tom with bottles of ice-cold water, needed as well!  We made jokes about my slow fat ass, yes it is slow and fat and old!!  We hung around for a bit, took some photos and headed out.

Friday night Easy Runner was having a little get together with Joan Benoit as the guest speaker, it was excellent!!  None of the other girls could make it, they really missed out, I really enjoyed it and am so glad I went!  She was also going to be at the Fast Firecracker 5k on Saturday, I was certain i wouldn’t see her on the course and I didn’t.

Race Report – I wasn’t definite about running this race until about Tuesday, but what the heck, I had a great PR in May and this might be my last race in this age group 😦 who knows I thought I might win an age group award, until I found out there were no age group awards…. Anyway, too late, already signed up.

Met Sheryl and Kami at 6:30 at War Memorial Stadium, finish area.  Helped them get their chips on their shoes and we waited on Kathryn.  She got there and we headed up the hill to the start, we made a bathroom stop at the Exxon, but it wouldn’t be our last.  We were lucky and found on street parking really close to the start.  We were walking up to the start when Sheryl and Kathryn both said they needed to go to the bathroom again, this was not looking promising we did not see any port-a-potties so we decided to do a warm up run down to Starbucks.

There was a long line in Starbucks but we had plenty of time.  I decided I better go too, just in case, the line moved quickly and we were out of the there and headed back to the Start.  We saw some very fast runners, oh you can tell the fast ones from the recreational ones for sure, especially the girls in panties instead of shorts, fast girls, this race has prize money and they were planning on being in the cash!

We decided to get in mid-pack (mistake) the air had changed from relatively nice to humid and no wind at all.  At least it was cloudy.  I saw lots of running peeps from days gone by, Annette, Jane, Joan, Vicki, Arland, Melissa and lots of girls from our Thursday night running clinic.  Before we knew it BAM it was time to go.  Very slow start, too many people bunched together and I could not get out of the pack.  It took me a good 4-5 blocks to get out of the crunch and then it was downhill!! literally. 

Annette told me before we took off that there were firecracker awards and I might be able to get one if I was around 25-26 minutes, I thought I might be able to do it, so that was my goal.  My PR in May was 26:38, short course though, 3 miles, not 3.1, but since it was downhill I could make up ground.  I wanted that stinking firecracker!  Mile 1 call out time was 8:40, my Garmin said 8:13, ugh, I was 27 seconds off.  Just kept pushing it, could feel my heart rate was high, tried to relax into the downhill and stay on the inside lane of the course to gain time.  I felt pretty good until about mile 2 and I could feel my energy slip a bit, I was getting tired. 

I had carried a bottle of water (of course) so I took a swig, not much help but it helped my parched throat, I could see War Memorial Stadium, but I knew the uphill section was coming and it was going to be tough and it was.  I think it is right at 2.5 miles and that hill sucks, especially after running so damned hard to get there!  But I just kept trudging up passing people.  When I got to the top I was out of breath, but could see the finish and what else did I see?  That little Patti person, where did she come from and how was she in front of me, DAMN IT!  I had to beat her, I just started pumping my arms as hard as I could to pass her, wasn’t sure if I could, I thought my heart was going to explode!  I could see the mats just ahead and I passed her!!  YIPPEE!!  Finish time on the clock 26:22, Garmin 26:19, no official results have been posted yet, but still a PR, which is shocking in itself!

I saw Kami ahead of me getting her chip taken off her shoe, how the heck did she get in front of me, I never saw her pass me, weird, I must have been in some sort of zone!  All I wanted was some ice cold something, sweat was pouring off of both of us, where was the damned water!!!  We finally found the water and some really nice bagged orange slices that were iced down, now that was delish!  We saw Kathryn and not long after that we saw Sheryl.  We all had a great race!   We hung around for a bit, grabbed some ice-cold sodas and then headed back up the hill.

Oh, by the way, no Firecrackcer, apparently you need to be around 24 minutes, dang it!!

We took some photos you can see on facebook and then headed our separate ways, I had to get home to babysitting duty with Baby S!  I barely got home when they were pulling in the drive with the baby.  She was very good and we had a great bonding day, love that baby!

Okay, enough, ran this morning with Kim at the River market, legs are a little sore from the race, think it was the downhill part, we ran 6 miles instead of our intended 8-10.  Oh well, we were out there on Sunday morning while most people were sleeping in.  I have got to get to that need to list!! 

Tomorrow rest day!! YIPPEE!!  Sleep in, maybe till 6 or so, drink coffee, lay around, ahhhh, day off.  Happy 4th everyone!


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  1. Wish I had known you went to the thing on Friday, probably could have gone with you…

  2. omg that is AMAZING!!! you got to run with JOAN!!! awesome post.

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