Lazy Days and Baby Girls

Yes, it’s been awhile since I have posted anything, but mostly, I’m pooped.  Running about 40 miles a week and work sucks ass.

There are no more cool morning runs, they are all sweat filled bitch fests, mostly me bitching about work, I’ve got to start looking for something else, the stress is driving my acne into massive overdrive and then that stresses me out too!  GEEZZZZ

On the run front, the relay that I was planning on doing in October, out.  Not enough participation on my team so…..along with my friend Eric, who was going to do the relay too, we signed up for the Boston 1/2 Marathon to be held on 10-10-10, it sold out in about 3 hours, I’m pumped!!  Then the following weekend I will be tagging along with Kim to Nashville, TN where I will run the last 10-15 miles with her in her first Ultra, 50 miler!!  Oh, and that’s not all, Tupelo 1/2 Marathon on September 5th and St. Jude’s 1/2 Marathon in December, WOW!!  That sounds like a bunch of freaking running!  I should be ready with all this mileage.

Baby Girls, what can I say, my little sweet pea grandbaby is just the best, I try to keep her at least one day each weekend and it’s the best part of my week!  She is just 6 weeks old but the sweetest thing ever, I never knew how much I would enjoy her.  Here are some great pics of her that were made when she was 4 weeks old, I think I must have one of each since I could never pick just one.

What else?  Getting old and not liking it at all, my ass is getting wider, I’ve giving trying to LOSE any weight, cause it’s just not happening!  Haven’t been on the scales in 2 weeks!  I used to weigh myself every Friday without fail, no more, it’s too depressing.  Wrinkles and saggy skin, yuck and double yuck, I will find a way to finance a new face, soon.  I don’t know what to do about the wrinkles on my knees though, where the hell did those come from?

Rave reviews – Couple of things I’m loving these days.  SofSole Socks, to be exact the Coolmax Trainer low-cut sock, they are perfect!  Cushioned on the bottom, but super cool on top, oh and the best part, they DON’T slid down my foot!  They are seamless and stay put, feet are dry and in this heat….yippee!  Another thing I love is Maybelline Colossal Volume mascara, it’s the best, believe me I’ve tried tons, Clinque, Estee lauder, Loreal, which I do love Loreal Natural instincts mascara too, but all the others, nope.  The only problem with the Maybelline Colossal is I seem to buy it more often, like there is not that much in the tube?  not sure.

Things I’m hating – My old sports bras, ugh, I really need to invest in some new ones, all my good old ones, they really aren’t that old are stinky, some worse than others, but I hate to give them up cause I love them even though they smell like sweaty girl runner.  I also hate how EVERYTHING is going up in price, except my paycheck, groceries are ridiculous, gas, utilities, DSL, insurance, satellite (Directv), iced mocha’s, my mortgage just went up 90 bucks a month!  Did I get a raise to pay that extra $90? nope, guess I’ll have to cut my iced mochas out, which I only get as a treat after long runs 😦  It’s just sad that we work so hard to buy things, to have things and we get less and less and can’t even save a penny toward any savings because it all goes to living everyday, that really pisses me off.  OH, and I get my 401K statement today, OMG, I lost a little over $4000 last quarter, are you kidding me?  nope, $4000 smackeroos down the drain, made me a little nauseated.

Gotta run for now, OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!!  Kim and I are running the Full Moon 25K next weekend at Lake Sylvia, it starts at 8pm, eek!!  We are so excited I don’t know how I forgot!  We will be armed with headlamps and bug spray!  It should be loads of fun!


2 Responses

  1. dang girl, you DO have lots of running coming up. that’s awesome though. at least it’s a good stress reliever, right? and your grandbaby…absolutely beautiful!!! congrats!

  2. WOW. What’s your marathon for the fall? I have spots on my team for Diabetes for the Marine Corps Marathon. Check out the top of my blog if you’re interested. It’s closed, and you have until August 6th. You only have to raise $500, and get a killer marathon!!!

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