July 21??

Are you kidding me?  I think someone stole July 1-20, because I don’t recall any of it, well that’s not really true, but it went by so fast.  I hate how summer flies by and winter creeps. 

We’ve had some pretty decent runs, no real “WOW that was an awesome run” or “WOW that really sucked” well I take that back on the sucked part, Tuesday sucked, my insides were coming out, or that’s what it felt like thanks to Mother Nature, but we won’t dwell on that subject, Ugh…. 

Today we had a guest runner with us, Madelyn from the Little Rock Marathon Training Group met me and Kim at Lakewood lake #3 at 5:15am.  It was nice to have someone new to run with, Kim and I talk about the same ole crap and bitch about the same ole crap everyday!  We need someone else’s crap to listen to for a change.  It was a nice run, I think she might be a tad bit faster than us, at one point she got pretty far ahead of us and then I think she realized she didn’t know where she was going and fell back in line with us.  The time went by faster than normal, but it was still super hot and humid.

I tried out a headlamp this morning in preparation for the Full moon 25K, which I strapped around my chest, bad idea, for one thing it bounced back and forth way too much and then it started sliding down.  You may be asking your self, how did it slide down, didn’t her boobs catch it? Uh, no, I strapped it under the boobage, such as it is, ending up ditching the light before we got 1/2 a mile.  Will try the Petzl on the forehead tomorrow.

Work is getting worse instead of better, so I am officially on the job hunt, well officially afer I find my resume which is on a disk from my blown up computer, I hope and pray.

Started a new Boot Camp at the Community Center, love it!!  I’m going once or twice a week, depending on the running schedule, wish I could go more, hope it will make me not so jiggly.


2 Responses

  1. Haha…we do complain about the same old stuff!!! Love it!!!

  2. I caught up on your blog tonight and see you are running out at Lake Sylvia Saturday night. I ran 19 miles out there last Friday night with a group of 9 people between 10 pm and 2 am. We saw 8 copperheads on the FSRs! So they are really out. Saw scorpions and bats too. Suggest a spare set of batteries and a spare light of some kind. The more light the better to see them! Nathan pack with a 2/3 frozen bladder helped keep me cool. Rock salt kept cramps away. The first 4 miles of Saturdays run are all uphill. Coming back home downhill on that long stretch is just awesome. Hydrate really well starting Friday. I have found a baseball hat worn over your headlamp reduces the number of bugs that aim for your face from above. You can put ice under that cap too. I have been running trails starting at the Gulpha Gorge in Hot Spings for the last month on Sats at 6:00 am. Pikes Peak runners have been hitting that area hard and I took advantage of their water drops and trail markers covering a 15 mile loop over West Mtn. Saturday night should be a really fun run with a good turnout. It’s 10 pm, I’m going for a run! See you Saturday. Patrick

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