And the running continues

After last weekends tortuous 25K I was so thankful for a rest day on Sunday, Ahhh, I could have actually taken a couple of days off, but no rest for the runner!  Kim and I were back at it on Monday morning as usual, we did take it easy and only ran around the lake instead of our normal hilly loop. 

We met with Sheryl on Tuesday night at GO! Running for their Tuesday night run where we did a 4 mile run and got lost, totally my fault since I was the route person.  We did get to see some parts of the Heights that we had never seen before :).  I was having terrible stomach pains and was in search of facilities for most of the run, lucked out at a construction site, YEEHAW!!  I was super excited, when I came out of the port-a-potty Kim and Sheryl were laughing because some older guy pulled right up to the potty, got out and walked up to the house under construction, it was Sheryl’s doctor, I didn’t think it was that funny, but they were having a good hearty laugh about the whole incident.  Nevertheless, my stomach felt like new and I was ready to run!

Uneventful runs on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday another Kim and Cheryl story.  We left my house around 5am started running about 5 houses down the street and about 10 houses down I notice out of the corner of my eye a dark figure, “LOOK” I nudged Kim, the guy was doing something to a car and took off running in the opposite direction, I mean sprinting, like someone had fired a shot at him!  OMG!!  We were nervous, scared and didn’t  know what to do.  We walked over to the car and it looked like one of the windows was busted, but it wasn’t, just a glare.  All the inside lights were on in the vehicle and the passenger door was ajar.  I closed the door and we headed down toward the lake, there is always a cop down there.  BUT not Friday.  So, we headed back to my house where we called the police and told them of our heroic efforts of thwarting a B&E!  After a bathroom break we headed back down the same way and  when we got to the end of my street the cops were already out, we could see him coming down the street with his spotlight.  Quick!  We stopped him and told him the description and which way he was going, good deed for the day. 

We had used up a lot of time with our heroic efforts so we just ran around the lake it was stinking hot anyway.

Saturday we were meeting at the River Market, one of our favorite places to run in the Summer since when we get finished we can visit the Farmer’s market and drink Skinny Caramel iced mocha’s from Boulevard Bread, yummers! 

Well, Kim had come to my house first so she could get in some extra miles, we headed to downtown around 20 till 6, we decided to park in the parking lot at Commerce and 2nd street, gross, it was disgusting, trash everywhere, it just looked horrible.  I can’t remember it ever looking that bad, looked abandoned almost, but we parked there anyway, ugh.  I always bring a small ice chest with Diet Mt. Dews for Me, Kim, Tammy or Sheryl and Kami, whoever I know is going to be running with us.  Saturday there were 3 Dew’s in the ice chest, I put in under the back rear tire of my truck, like always.  We got our gear on and headed to the start.

We knew Sheryl wasn’t coming, we saw Tammy and told her about the ice chest and told her to grab a drink when she was finished, she was doing 7 miles, Kim and I were doing 10.  We had a decent run, some incident at the Doubletree that I won’t go into, it had to do with a panty liner, you had to be there ;0

Kim and I made good time and headed to the truck to change clothes, get our bags for the Market and grab our ice-cold Diet Mt. Dew, uhhh not.  As I was walking up to the truck I could see the ice chest was gone, but I just couldn’t believe it, I looked all around but it was gone.  DAMN IT!  Someone stole my ice chest, not just the ice-cold Diet Dews, but the whole thing.  Who would do that at 8am in the morning?? 

So frustrated, we texted Tammy to see if it was there when she got back, but she forgot and didn’t see it.  Ugh!!  Okay, the ice chest was old, I only paid 25 cents for it at a church sale, it was disgusting when I bought it, but I cleaned it up and it has been with us for 2 summers.  I’m distraught, especially after we saved someone from getting broken into yesterday and Karma pays me back by taking my 25 cent ice chest?  Geezzz.

Rest day today, we were supposed to run, but I just couldn’t do it, we had run 6 days in a row in the miserable heat and humidity, my legs were sore and I was pooped, the bed felt good.  I didn’t really sleep late, got up at 6am, finished cleaning the house and waited for Stephanie to bring over Baby S.  Best part of my weekend, sweet little baby girl!

Back to the salt mines tomorrow, as bad as I hate it.  Weather is hot and more hot, 100 degrees forecast for the next few days. 

If anyone sees a homeless person walking around with an old igloo ice chest, teal on the bottom with a purple handle, give them 5 bucks for my ice chest and I’ll pay you back.  I want my stinking ice chest back.