Do I continue? do you care?

No I haven’t been blogging much at all, like once a month.  Way too much going on and I tend to overwrite, too much info I’m sure.  So, do I continue this blog?  Do you even care?  Does anyone read this thing anymore?  These are the questions that pop in my mind when I think about updating blog world on my oh so exciting happenings.

Running –  Still running.  Stomach issues that I had in the past are somewhat better, seems to go in cycles.  Lots of good runs with limited bathroom stops and then lots of bad runs with extra stops.  Lucky for me I have good running partners and bathrooms to stop at!

The big problem lately with running is my feet, oh do they hurt.  I know I have a touch of PF and I really just push it out of my mind, but every morning, oh holy hell!!  And then to top that off I have that stupid bursitis in my right foot and a touch of it in my left too.  I take my anti-inflammatory and glucosamine which helps, but geez, pain, ugh.  Oh, while I’m complaining, my heart rate has been awfully high lately, resting rate used to be in the low 50’s, haven’t seen that for a couple of months, should I be worried?  Maybe I should ditch some caffeine to see if that helps, but I’m not drinking more than I used to, who knows.

BOJ –  Bundle of Joy, my grand baby, oh my goodness, I never knew what I was missing, love that baby to pieces!  I usually get to keep her on Wednesday night and then again on Sundays.  This weekend maybe an overnighter!  It will be her second.  She has gained so much weight, she is just a little chunk!  Love that baby fat, the only time it’s cute to be fat.

Sleepy Baby

Had a nice run on Saturday morning with the Little Rock Marathon Group, we (Kim and I), got to see Tammy and Patrick, Tammy we don’t get to see much of, she must hate running with us, she thinks we run too fast, BAHH!!  not us, we are very pokey.  Patrick, who we haven’t seen since Lake Sylvia has been training for his first 100-miler!!  OMG, no way I could ever, my feet would fall off.  We were happy to see Patrick, we miss seeing and talking to him on our Saturday runs.  Tammy met us at Starbucks afterward and we had a little shopping excursion, not much, but it was nice to catch up.  Hopefully she will run with us again 🙂 

I’ve been sitting here since 8am waiting on Directv, why is it when they tell you they will be at your house between 8-Noon it’s always Noon?  I just got a call at 11:20, the technician will be here in 15 minutes.  I could have gone to work for 3 hours and then home, really grates on me that their logistics are not better.

My new boot camp class is awesome, I love it!!!  I wish it was more nights, but sadly only two nights a week at the NLR Community Center, I just hope it makes me stronger, fast!

Boston half marathon is coming up!!  YIPPEE!  10-10-10 and its the 10th anniversary, should be a blast, report to follow!


Tupelo Weekend

It was a great weekend for a race!  Kim and I headed to the birthplace of Elvis on Saturday morning for our 2nd annual Tupelo Marathon and 14.2 miler.  The weather forecast couldn’t have been better.  Last year Tammy went with us and the ride didn’t seem near as long, around 4 hours, we still had a nice ride down.  We made our first stop at packet pickup, no expo for this small race.  The pickup spot was Trails n Teadz, I think the only running store in Tupelo, but a really nice one.  It was packed!  We ran into Annette and Arland as we were going inside they were leaving. 

The store was packed, but packet pickup was a breeze.  I little disappointed that we got the same Elvis bag as last year, the shirts are tie-dyed again, but at least this year they don’t blind you, just blue and green.  We browsed around in the store a bit we both found items to purchase which took forever, we ended up in the store for about an hour,ugh.

Off to our hotel finally, it was just a mile or so down the street from the store.  We got everything in our room in one trip and just ended up on our beds watching Toddlers and Tiara on TLC, HA!!  Exciting trip!  We finally tore ourselves away from the comfy bed and TV and headed to Atlanta Bread Company, I had a delicious Roasted Turkey Sandwich and Kim had a Garden Salad, no experimenting the night before a race!

We then headed over to Walgreens and CVS to browse around, we are such boring people :).  Once we got back to the hotel we got all our clothes, fuel belts, timing chips, nutrition, everything ready for the 5am start of the race.  Alarm set for 3:20 am!!  Jammies on ready for bed!  We watched some TV and I read my book for a while, I guess I turned off my light around 9ish, I was sleepy.  I didn’t sleep well though, kept waking up all night, I never knew what time it was but knew it was not good that I was not sleeping well, nothing I could do about it though.

Alarm went off at 3:20, up and adam!!  Quickly got ready and luckily I had brought Kim and I some throw away long-sleeved shirts to wear until we warmed up, it was quiet chilly out.  We ran around the hotel a couple of times just for me, gotta get things going before I run that far!  We loaded up and headed to the race start, we got there around 4:25, I thought I might need to go to the bathroom so we headed down to the Furniture Market which was open and is where we finish.  Once inside it was nice and warm, not too bad of a line for the bathroom, once I was finished we sat out in the big empty showroom and Annette saw us sitting there and came over and talked to us for a little bit.  Before long it was time to take off for the Start.

It was a chip timing race, but only at the finish, the race was sold out, 14.2 and Marathon, lots of people and the weather brought every one out.  It was about 57 degrees.  And we’re off!!  We had no problems, we kept our throw away shirts on till around mile 7 or 8 when the sun was starting to come up a bit, it was still chilly, but I had to get it off, my arms more than anything were sweating, right in the crook of my elbow.  It felt much better to get that thing off.  I did have to make a port-a-potty stop at mile 7, the FIRST one on the route, that’s a big problem with that race and it about killed me last year.  Luckily this year my stomach was acting better.  I only had to wait a minute for my turn, and this dude, idiot, decides he is going to lean up against my potty to take off his shoe and rub his foot, ok dude, I gotta go and I don’t need you standing right here listening to what I do inside!!  It was like having someone in the bathroom with you.  What a weirdo!  I went anyway, I HAD TO!  What a goober!  We were off again, that was the only time I stopped on the whole route.

Kim decided to take her shirt off and tossed it right in the bucket of water at the aid station, whoops!!  She thought it was the trash can, HA!!!  We got to run together for the first 13.1 miles, it’s not often that happens.  We were running along with Jackie and Arland for a while, they were doing the run 5 walk 1, so they would play leap-frog with us. 

When Kim got to the turnaround I was glad I wasn’t turning around!  Poor Kim.  I was ready to be done!  1 more mile, yippee!  and there were a lot of hills in the last mile, weird, I forgot.

I finished in 2:29, about 3 minutes slower than last year, not sure how that happened since I walked some last year and I didn’t this year, who the hell knows.  Oh well, it was a good race and I finished it, again.  There was BBQ and beer waiting even though it was only 7:30am!  Kim finished in a little over 4:35, not sure exactly, we saw Jackie and Arland finished and he had about a 10 minute PR.  We didn’t stay too long we were ready for our Starbucks treat.  After Starbucks we headed to our hotel for showers, packing and heading home.

Where have I been?

One month since my last post! Geez….time flies when you are old and cranky. Let’s see, hmmm, had a birthday which was very depressing. Ran a bunch, but not as much as I did in June and July, too damned HOT! Got a BOB stroller for the BOJ (bundle of joy), haven’t used it yet. That’s it, my month in a nutshell. This weekend heading to Tupelo with Kim for the Tupleo Marathon and 14.2 half, of course I’m doing the 14.2 and Kim is doing the Full. Temperatures should be in the 60s to start the race, yippee!!