Do I continue? do you care?

No I haven’t been blogging much at all, like once a month.  Way too much going on and I tend to overwrite, too much info I’m sure.  So, do I continue this blog?  Do you even care?  Does anyone read this thing anymore?  These are the questions that pop in my mind when I think about updating blog world on my oh so exciting happenings.

Running –  Still running.  Stomach issues that I had in the past are somewhat better, seems to go in cycles.  Lots of good runs with limited bathroom stops and then lots of bad runs with extra stops.  Lucky for me I have good running partners and bathrooms to stop at!

The big problem lately with running is my feet, oh do they hurt.  I know I have a touch of PF and I really just push it out of my mind, but every morning, oh holy hell!!  And then to top that off I have that stupid bursitis in my right foot and a touch of it in my left too.  I take my anti-inflammatory and glucosamine which helps, but geez, pain, ugh.  Oh, while I’m complaining, my heart rate has been awfully high lately, resting rate used to be in the low 50’s, haven’t seen that for a couple of months, should I be worried?  Maybe I should ditch some caffeine to see if that helps, but I’m not drinking more than I used to, who knows.

BOJ –  Bundle of Joy, my grand baby, oh my goodness, I never knew what I was missing, love that baby to pieces!  I usually get to keep her on Wednesday night and then again on Sundays.  This weekend maybe an overnighter!  It will be her second.  She has gained so much weight, she is just a little chunk!  Love that baby fat, the only time it’s cute to be fat.

Sleepy Baby

Had a nice run on Saturday morning with the Little Rock Marathon Group, we (Kim and I), got to see Tammy and Patrick, Tammy we don’t get to see much of, she must hate running with us, she thinks we run too fast, BAHH!!  not us, we are very pokey.  Patrick, who we haven’t seen since Lake Sylvia has been training for his first 100-miler!!  OMG, no way I could ever, my feet would fall off.  We were happy to see Patrick, we miss seeing and talking to him on our Saturday runs.  Tammy met us at Starbucks afterward and we had a little shopping excursion, not much, but it was nice to catch up.  Hopefully she will run with us again 🙂 

I’ve been sitting here since 8am waiting on Directv, why is it when they tell you they will be at your house between 8-Noon it’s always Noon?  I just got a call at 11:20, the technician will be here in 15 minutes.  I could have gone to work for 3 hours and then home, really grates on me that their logistics are not better.

My new boot camp class is awesome, I love it!!!  I wish it was more nights, but sadly only two nights a week at the NLR Community Center, I just hope it makes me stronger, fast!

Boston half marathon is coming up!!  YIPPEE!  10-10-10 and its the 10th anniversary, should be a blast, report to follow!


5 Responses

  1. I am reading it! I’m new in this blogs’ world and I actually wrote my last post about this topic. I think the question is: do you enjoy blogging?

  2. I care… I say keep blogging!!!!

  3. I care, also!

  4. Keep it up, Skip! Sometimes, it’s the only way I find out what’s going on with you!! I definitely want to run with you guys,but I am still so slow…I don’t want to slow you down. Glad you have that bootcamp class to go to. I guess for now I am going to stick with my membership at NLRAC and try to get there more often. I went to Power Pump this past Tuesday and it was really good. Maybe I just needed some time away from the rut…Looking forward to our upcoming races and let me know whe you guys sign up for Bas Pro…

  5. I must admit…i’m a constant lurker and love the blog!!!! Also what i really love is the BOJ!!!! She brightens my day and I love coming to see her! Especially today in particular, when work sucked and it all didn’t matter anymore the minute I took her from ya and got to love on the baby chunk!!!

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