The Suckage continues

Nothing new to report, foot still sucks, ran about 7 miles on Saturday, that was a total of about 10 for the week, I should be at about 40 miles. Still undecided if I can still do the Marathon in March. Well, I won’t be able to do it if the foot doesn’t improve in the next week or so. Woe is me.


Stupid Foot

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I had a great Christmas with the BOJ, so much more fun with a baby around.  They came over early opened gifts and then left for Aaron’s side of the Family.  On Sunday we all headed to my Mom’s house in Carlisle, we really had a great time.  Mom cooked a big pot of Chili and cornbread, I  made a, from scratch, German Chocolate Cheesecake, perfect for a cold Christmas Day!  We did a dirty Santa gift exchange, this was the first time we had ever done such a thing, it was weird to say the least, but nice to spend a fortune on gifts no one wants or likes.  The baby was perfect and everyone had a big time with her.

Okay enough of the sugar and spice, my stupid foot hurts!!  It’s been hurting for a month or two, I think it’s plantar faciitis, but who knows, it started around the edge of my heel, so I treated it by stretching it every morning and doing calf raises, it just kept getting worse.

The week before Christmas Kim and I ran a 16-miler with our buddy Patrick up in the Heights and by the time we were finished I thought my foot was going to fall off, it was freaking miserable.  I was limping up to Starbucks after we finished.  Tried stretching and icing all that good crap and it still hurt.  Took off on Sunday and Monday, short runs the rest of the week, all with pain.  We ran on Christmas morning, at about mile 5 it was killing me, I said some choice cuss words I was just over it, the pain was putting me in a pissy mood.  Thank goodness we were not running more than 6.

Day after Christmas we were meeting the Little Rock Marathon training group for a 10 miler, I got up as normal and tried to run up and down my street for my warm-up, I couldn’t even run, I limp/ran, what the hell?  It really was bad.  I didn’t know if it would warm up, my foot that is, or not, so I decided to go ahead and meet Kim and see what would happen.  After Kim got their, I explained that I may not be able to run the whole route and if she wanted to run ahead she was more than welcome to, it would not hurt my feelings one bit!  She didn’t want to run the route by herself so she stuck with me, such a great running buddy!

We made it about 3 miles before I couldn’t stand it a much longer, we cut it short, made it  a total of about 4 miles, holy hell, this is not going well for my marathon training!!  The whole week after Christmas was a bust!  I tried to run again on Tuesday, down to the end of my street and right back home, same on Wednesday.  I finally called Dr. Nix’s office and made an appointment, not sure what they can do other than stick a big fat needle in my foot, yikes!!  At this point I might just let them.    So I really haven’t run since last Sunday, I haven’t gone this long without running since I sprained my ankle a couple of years ago!  Good thing it’s cold out!  HA!

Anyway, my foot was feeling a little better today so I thought I would try it out, not bad for the first mile, painful, but not near as bad as earlier in the week.  I can take pain, hell I’m old, there is always some sort of pain!  I told myself, make another loop around the lake, I was making my second loop when BAM!!  These shooting/stabbing pains started in my heel and arch, holy cow!  Stopped me in my Mizunos!  I had to turn around and head home once again.  This sucks, stupid foot, stupid old age!  Stupid fat ass!

So, I guess we will see what the Doc says on Wednesday, I’m sure I will be back on track soon since I have signed up for both the Little Rock Marathon AND the Hobbitom Challenge the day before! 

What are Heel Spurs?  Could it be heel spurs?