Birthday and other stuff

Friday, August 26th

Haven’t had a lot to write about the last couple of weeks.  Still trying to get my running mojo back and it is starting to get better.  Hoping to build back up to around 5 miles a day by October, right now I’m doing about 3.5 miles 3-4 days a week and then a longer run on Saturday.  It’s been tough, my stomach is not cooperating all the time, some days I have to come back to my house a couple of times, which really pisses me off, hate to come back to the house, then I don’t want to go back out.  But I do, usually.

Had a Birthday celebration at my Mother’s a couple of weeks ago, it was a lot of fun, hate to admit it.  Rather just skip the Birthday part of it and just enjoy the Family.  These past two Birthdays have been especially hard; I have noticed so many changes in myself and realize more than half my life is over!  Just try to enjoy what I do have, it goes by so quickly.  Oh I got a Kindle from my Mother, big surprise and haven’t started “reading” any books on it yet, but it’s pretty cool, so many features, I had no idea!  Can’t wait to start reading my first book on it, as soon as I get a light for it I will be purchasing my first ebook or they do have free ones.

Insanity, hmmmm, well Tammy and I are still hard at it.  Yesterday was a rest day, thank goodness!  After Wednesday nights workout my legs, back, abs, everything needed a rest.  We did some ungodly amount of push-ups, more than 96, which was in one set and then there were these V push ups, side push ups, push ups where you do a push up and then jump up and back down into another push up, actually it was push up HELL!  And squats too, jumping here and there, geezzz.  And to top off the week, I gained a pound, which really gets under my skin since I am working harder than I ever have and my ass is still fat.  I guess I could blame it on the cookies I ate in Clarksville last week, or that piece of Hunka Pie Tammy brought me, or wait, that Birthday cake.  Maybe if I would stay away from the sweet stuff I would lose a pound, HA!!!  Not likely.  I don’t overindulge, a girl needs her sweets, at least this one does.

I forgot about going to Clarksville last week.  I did miss out on some Insanity workouts, but I did get up each day and run, which is scary, since I have no idea about the area, even though the front desk says “don’t worry, it’s a safe area”, he didn’t tell me that dogs don’t have to be in a gate…..  Little yippers!  I carried a stick the next day.

This morning the temperature was so much better, not even sure what it was, but compare to Wednesday it was a blessing!  Felt perfect to me, even though I had to make those stupid extra stops, I probably could have gotten in about 4 miles if not for that!  It was cooler outside than in my house so when I got in I opened all the windows and turned on the attic fan, the temperature dropped about 3 degrees in a matter of minutes.  Nice.

Kim is coming to LR this weekend and we have a lot of catching up to do, and from what she has told me, some shopping too.  Whatever we do I’m sure we will have a great time catching up, from her text this morning “49 days to my wedding”…… I guess she is in full Wedding mode.

Tammy has mentioned doing a Marathon in Maine next year, hmmm, I’m doing Little Rock in March, but I would love to go to Maine, not sure if I would LOVE to run a marathon in Maine, but I might be persuaded.  Something to consider anyway, need to look at lodging, air fares and that sort of thing before we decide, I think it is in October and registration starts this October.  Not sure if my feet can take two marathons.

Well, that’s all the catching up I have for now.  Oh, I forgot, I now have grass, green grass, it’s been so dry and hot all summer, it’s been hard for me to keep my front yard watered and looking decent, but now that we have had a little bit of rain, I have green grass in both my front and back yard!  But that means I will have to mow more often, oh and tons of leaves already from the dry weather so I have to rake first, ugh.  I raked my front yard on Sunday and had four 54 gallon bags full.




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  1. Keep on writing, Cheryl!

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