Bowl of Jello (Nov 16)

That’s what my mid section has become, a big jiggly bowl of jello, geez, what happened?  I know what happened, finished Insanity and was so damned happy not to have to see Shaun T or jump or do another push-up I just quit doing anything, seriously.  Now look at me, big fat ass.  Gotta get back to some sort of work-out program NOW or I will be needing a lift chair.

I have been running, which is good, but I have to cross train, my body does not know what it means to do just one exercise I have to do multiples, yeah, lucky me….ugh.

Ran 12 miles on Saturday with the Little Rock Marathon group, I was so dreading it, Tammy was running from home, Kim lives is some awful place down south, so I’m left alone, poor pitiful lone runner.  I can’t remember the last time I ran 12 miles, I guess it was at least a year ago before I was stricken with the PF.  AND we were running from ADEQ which is mostly River Trail, another ugh, at least there are bathrooms in case of emergencies and lately I’ve had my share.

I guess I was about 3 miles in when I started running with Aricella, I’m sure the spelling of her name is botched, we were confused about the sign on the River Trail, but luckily our executive decision was correct and we ran together until mile  10ish.  Thank goodness for her, there is absolutely no way I would have done the entire 12 miles if she hadn’t been there.  I could have easily turned off and headed back to my car after about 7 miles, and seriously thought about it, but I’m glad I didn’t.  Aricella is from Cabot and of course since she is a runner she knows Annette so we had a lot to chat about, it is so nice to have someone to run with, especially on long runs.  I guess I need to load up that Shuffle in case I don’t have someone to run with.

Wow, I have nothing else, nothing.  Boring, boring, and more boring.  OH wait, I have been traveling some, I was in Neosho, MO, Pine Bluff, AR and somewhere else I can’t even remember!  All for work of course, it’s going really good with the new job, home for a couple of weeks before I have to head back to Meridan, MS.

Oh and of course the Grandbaby, she is so freaking adorable, she has stopped all the screaming about getting in her car seat and diaper changes, weird, just stopped.  She is the sweetest thing ever; she loves her baby dolls and the cats, oh and of course me.  We have the best time when she comes over; I love how she comes to get me, just grabs my hand and leads me wherever she wants to go.  I can’t believe I dreaded being a Granny, now I love it.  Call me old, I don’t care as long as that little girl is around you can call me whatever you want.  She is starting to put two words together, the other day she said Bye G!  And when she says Bye, it’s a huge BYE!!!  She wants everyone to hear her.

All right, that’s it, signing off.