Willpower and the lack of

Eating willpower     (2-20-12)         

I remember my mother telling me one time “I wish I had your willpower, you can eat just a few cookies, I eat the whole bag”.  Well now I’m my mother, geez, it’s depressing, eat, eat and eat again.  I’m eating right now!!  Mind you I don’t eat a LOT of bad stuff, but still it’s all calories regardless of what you are eating.

About 10 years ago, when I still had willpower I went almost a whole year without eating any chocolate or fried food, could I do that now?  Probably not, fried food I could go without, hardly ever touch it, but chocolate, nope, love it, I Love you Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, I WOULD eat it every day if I could.  No lie.  Chocolate anything, cake, ice cream, cookies, plain, in candy, doesn’t matter, just tell me it’s chocolate and I’m weakened.  I think I may need an intervention.

At lunch today I made my weekly trip to Wal-Mart, yes there are a couple of things I buy there, PowerBar Gels in Strawberry Banana 4-pak for 3.88, Great Value cereal bars in Mixed Berry $2.00, Great Value sliced Mozzarella cheese can’t remember price, but it’s irrelevant because I love it, same for the cereal bars.  Where was I going with this….oh I remember.  My sister loaned me a swimsuit last year and she said she got it at Wal-mart, well I took a gander at the suits, EEK, nothing I would dare wear!  But there was a pair of bottoms (boy shorts) cause I ain’t showing my fat ass!  Pick up a medium go to the dressing room and on the way I’m thinking “this won’t be bad” you’ve been working out, running, they’ll look ‘OK’”  WHAT a freaking nightmare, I was just appalled at my thighs!  They are so flabby and not shapely at all, I leave for vacation in 3 weeks, and I’m sick, literally sick.  Wondering what extreme measures I can take before we leave to slim these babies down!  So embarrassing. 

So back to the willpower, I need it NOW, I need to not eat anything extra, including chocolate for the next 2 ½ weeks.  If I could just lose 2-3 pounds I think I might be able to go on the beach.  And it all boils down to willpower; I eat just to eat, not because I’m hungry.  I know what to do; just don’t have the gumption to do it.  Help, I need help!!  Can you hear me peeps?  Can you help a girl out??  Hide the cookies, hide the cupcakes, this girl needs to look good in those boy shorts!

Countdown to the Marathon, 13 11 days!  Got my bib number this weekend, #593, not excited, but it is what it is.  I will run it and Kim will be running with me.  I just know how much pain I have been in on the last few runs and dread that part of it more than anything!  Already looking forward to the finish line, HA!!!  We ran 12 miles on Saturday and for some reason my shins were killing me, no idea why, maybe I need new insoles, but hate to get them this close to marathon, or maybe I should!

The 12 miles was not that bad, Tammy ran the first 4 with me, always nice to have her company, we ran on the River Trail, over Big Dam Bridge over to Two Rivers and back, very boring to say the least.  I have been carrying my iphone, no headphones, just listening to Pandora Disco, it’s a hoot!  And people commented the whole route back on Saturday, especially on Disco Inferno!  Saw some people doing a couple of John Travolta moves, keeps it interesting.

This week could be a bust for me.  Stephanie wants me to keep the baby Friday night, one of her  girlfriend’s will be in town, so I can either take the BOB and take BOJ with us or go on Sunday, not sure yet.  Weather will play a huge factor.  Can’t take her if it’s too cold.

Well that’s it, except some exciting news coming soon, it’s a new adventure for me and my friend Sheryl, we are ironing our a few things before I make any huge announcements.





The Good and The Bad

It’s already Sunday, how can that be?  I’m already dreading going back to work tomorrow, ugh… I really hate it, every day it gets worse!  I have got to ramp up my search for a new job, this one is just too stressful and demanding.  I am so overwhelmed with tasks that I can’t ever seem to finish one project before something else is piled on top.  When I started back to work in August 09 there were 6 people in our office, now there are 3 and we are doing just as much business, oh but no overtime, you can work over, which I usually do, but no pay, just comp time, which will never happen because I’M TOO BUSY!  Okay enough belly aching!

We had the baby shower for my daughter yesterday, it was a total success, except for the lack of RSVP’s and people, which lent to a ton of leftover food which I couldn’t take any home because my REFRIGERATOR WENT OUT!  Yes, another straw on the camel’s back.

Thanks to my neighbor’s and Tammy I was able to keep some of the baby shower food cold so I wouldn’t kill anyone, but other than that everything in my freezer and fridge is ruined.  Good thing I’m not a cook or anything, but I did have salmon, chicken and veggies in the freezer, plus my Healthy Choice dinners which are all going in the trash today.

Back to the Baby Shower, it was a lot of fun.  Kim and I started our day with a 6 mile run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, nice cool morning, in the fifties and a little too much wind, but we blazed through the run in about an hour, it was weird, we got back and the parking lot was still full.  We had to head out to Wal-Mart to get an ice chest and ice to keep the Spinach Dip and Crab/Avocado Crustini mixture from ruining before the Shower.  Once we got back to my house it was showers and full speed ahead.  We didn’t stop until about 4pm.

Stephanie got TONS of nice gifts, I have no idea where she will put everything.  She was very happy and very pregnant, due in less than 30 days.  I think everyone had a good time and enjoyed our fun games. 

Veronica, a friend from work sells Pampered Chef and she brought all sorts of serving dishes and utensils for us to use, that was a huge help too.  She jumped right in and made everything look beautiful and appetizing.  Tammy pitched in too, helping get the room set up and cleaning up, I really have great friends and family.  My Aunt Martha was cutting up my tortilla wraps, Kim was arranging flowers (she missed her calling), Tammy was doing whatever anyone asked and so was my Mother.  We all had such a good time.  Thank you to everyone for helping and coming.  I hope I can put up pictures soon, if I ever get a card reader for my new camera.

Running is going good, nothing really “long”, I don’t have anything lined up except the Relay in October.  Oh, and Tupelo in September, that’s it for now, apparently I need to save my money for all these appliances and electronics that have been going out.  I sort of miss doing races, then again, not.  I missed going to the Women Can Run 5K yesterday.  My friend Sheryl ran it for the first time, I’m so glad she is running now and with the Tuesday and Thursday night runs with the LR group we will get in lots of runs together, which makes me happy. 

Well I have to go throw a bunch of food away, this makes me sick, it’s like throwing cash away.  If you are wondering I have called someone to come and assess the situation, but of course they cannot come until tomorrow and who knows what time, I’m sure as soon as I get to work they will call.  Isn’t that Murphy’s Law or something like that?  Hopefully I won’t have to buy a whole new unit and they can just fix it.  I don’t think I have an extra $1000 lying around that I don’t need.

2 weeks and counting

2 weeks from tomorrow Tammy, Kim and I will be running the Bass Pro Marathon in Springfield, MO.  I’m excited and very tentative all at the same time.  We ran our last “long” run today in the fridgidness that should not be, 12 miles out and back on the Murray Park side of the River Trail, boring, but flat as a pancake!

I think all and all we had a very good run, except for the cold, no encounters with wild critters or crazed motorist.  It’s been a tough running week for all of us, seems as though the rain would not go away, it rained and rained and rained some more, I only ran 4 days this week and even though it is taper week I felt sluggish on my Thursday and Friday runs.

I had to do my running clinic workout on the stupid dreadmill at the community center, that was definitely a bore and then Kim and I ran in the off again on again rain on Thursday along with my stomach issues, crappy running week.

I heard the weatherman say the weather we are having is normally what we could expect in December, UGH, it’s going to be a long, long fall and winter.  I have my heat on already, but only about 64-65 degrees, which keeps me bundled up instead of up doing stuff around the house.

On a lighter note, Tammy and I were happy to have a seat in the only Panera Bread in North Little Rock that just opened, we have been super excited about it opening, it’s on our running route and we have been watching the progress of the Cafe go from a clothing store to the now perfect Bakery.  Yummers, Pink Ribbon Bagel and Hazelnut Coffee was excellent after our run today.

That’s all I’ve got peeps!

Fourth of July Run

Trying to be a better blogger and do this at least every other day, get back on track.

Today was my long run day, training for the Bass Pro Shops Marathon on November 1. Tammy and I always run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group on Saturday and even though today was the 4th, it was no exception, but there weren’t near as many people as we normally have.

I told Tammy I would pick her up around 5:35am, banging on her door and no answer, weird, rang the bell and knocked some more, heard something and finally there she is, in her robe!! She overslept, girl, you better get a move on! Luckily she had everything ready to go so it didn’t take her but a few minutes to get ready, we were in my vehicle at 5:50, pretty speedy, don’t know if I could get ready that fast.

Luckily she lives close to this weeks meet spot, The State Capital. Not many folks at all, maybe 30. There were routes for 4, 6 and 8 milers, but we wanted 9 or so. Tom our fearless leader warned us about going to far up Kavanaugh, the Firecracker 5K would be starting at 7:30 and we would be right in the middle if we weren’t careful. We would work around it.

The weather was good for the 4th, humid, but not as hot as usual and there was a breeze. This route is pretty hilly and Tammy has been laying off the hills for a couple of weeks and she did great! Our route took us over the Broadway bridge into NLR, big loop and back over the bridge, up 3rd Street up to Kavanaugh. Once we got to the turnaround, which was about 5.9 miles, we decided since we wanted 9 miles we would run to 6.5 miles then turnaround.

When we got to that spot we were so close to the Firecracker 5K we decided to take a little adventure and watch, it was 7:25 and the race started at 7:30, we were probably 3 blocks from the race course. It was fun. We saw Tom, fearless leader, at the water stop for the 5K he kindly gave us some water then we saw the cops with the leader right behind him, that guy was flying, then a couple of Kenyans right behind the leader.

It took a minute or so before we saw anyone else and then they all started coming and coming and coming. We saw lots of people we know, in particular Lisa, Melissa, Marda, Annette and Jane, lots of others too.

We finally decided we better get back to our run, I guess we spent 15-20 minutes watching the race, it was different being a spectator. We had about 2.5 miles to go and after standing there for that long it was hard to get going again, at least most of our route home was downhill.

We make quick time of our run back, but after we hit 9 miles I was ready to be done, I guess that extra mileage to the race course was more than I thought. When we were a 3 or so blocks from the parking lot I walked it in, Tammy kept going. I ended up with 9.5, she 9.75, but at an amazing 10:22 average pace. That’s faster than we run during our “loop” runs. We have got to slow it down if we plan on running longer than 9 miles!

We planned on meeting Kim around 10am and had time to kill so we headed back to Tambo’s pad, parked and walked over to the Argenta Farmer’s Market and Foodie Fest. I was starving!! But I was saving my self for the BBQ we would have when we met Kim and Josh at his uncle’s Kroger store later.

Lots of good stuff at the Market I ended up with Peaches and Tammy ended up with Zucchini, huge Zuc I must say! I wanted some blueberries, but I already have some in my fridge I need to eat, but let me tell you, they were super delicious or maybe I was just super hungry!

After the Farmers Market we headed to Starbucks, we both got our coffees and walked over to the Kroger store on Cantrell, there was Kim behind the smoker helping out, it was good to see her, haven’t seen her in about a month! She said Josh was inside and then we realized, hmmm this food costs money, damn it! We did not plan on that! Where did I get that it was free? Who knows. Oh well, Tammy and I went inside and perused the aisles in the air conditioning and then went back out and talked to both Kim and Josh for quite a while. I ended up buying a smoked chicken for $5.00 and Josh bought us a rack of ribs. Sweetie.

We then headed home, when I dropped Tammy off I couldn’t stand it any longer, she handed me a knife and I cut into those ribs! Yum, food, food, food, I was really hungry! after 3 ribs I was set and headed home.

Not sure if I’m running tomorrow or not, may take the day off, by the end of our run today my legs felt like lead. So, probably no running for me tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Oh, my sister just sent this Evian commercial, too funny –

Dreadmill and getting pudgy

It was a long day yesterday getting to Columbia, I arrived around 2:30pm, I stopped and picked up a grilled cheese and bowl of vegetable soup for lunch, I was not feeling hungry earlier my head doctor (migraines) put me on a new medication for my “blue” episodes and it made me nauseated.  I was nauseous most of the day, but I was not blue orying at the drop of a hat.

This morning I had a hard time getting up, every time I travel East it’s tough, that hour I lose really sucks when you’re getting up at 4:45.  This week when I got down to the fitness center there wasn’t a soul, big difference from last week.  I ran for 4.5 miles, I just ran until 6:00, I probably could have ran 5 miles, but I was happy as a clam to get to 6:00, I hate that stupid machine.  I luckily was able to watch part of a movie on Showtime, it’s from a John Grisham book, maybe Witness, has Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, some kid knows something about a murder and the mob is after him, Susan S is his lawyer, it was good, old, it’s been ages since I’ve seen it.

The office is not fun this time, no “let’s go to lunch” or “do you want to go shopping”, at 5 o’clock they are gone and pretty much go their separate ways at lunch.  I will be going to the aerobics class again tomorrow night, which was nice and they certainly don’t have to entertain me, but you do feel isolated, that’s probably why I’ve been eating so much, I’m getting pudgy.  I’ve gained 4 pounds since I’ve started traveling, not enough exercise and too many sweets and eating out.  If I’m ever back to my normal routine I hope I can get it off again, 4 pounds may not sound like a lot, but it bothers me, well it bothers me when I’m not eating chocolate.

Gotta go, Biggest Loser is about to start.

A Little Running in Boca

Made it to Boca Raton, FL yesterday afternoon and immediately headed to the huge Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall, I’ve been there before a couple of times and there are some nice shops, but I was not in the mood to shop much.  I bought a few things at Banana Republic and then headed to Boca, I was starving.

I knew exactly where my dinner would be coming from, always Boneheads, it’s right across the street from the hotel and I love it, it’s sort of an upscale fresh fast food restaurant, I personally don’t call it fast food, but I’ve heard it called that.  I can eat there every day and get something different that is mostly good for me and it is very tasty, I wish there was one in Arkansas.  I had peel n’ eat shrimp and a side Greek Salad, perfect for dinner.

The training I am attending this week doesn’t start until 9am so this gives me time to run in the mornings before the training starts.  I decided to get up at 5:45 and do my stretches, push ups and crunches and then start running at 6:15, that didn’t happen exactly, I didn’t start running until 6:30, which only left me 30 minutes to run, I know what you’re thinking, that leaves 2 hours for me to shower, get ready and go to the meeting, well yes, except I wanted to eat breakfast and be at the meeting by 8:30.

I did run for 30 minutes, the weather was perfect, very low humidity, nice breeze, probably 70 degrees, maybe a little cooler.  Thank goodness the sun was up, or close enough, I could see where I was going, nothing much to see out here, just lots of cars and buildings.  My run was decent, at least I wasn’t struggling to breath like I was over the weekend.  Tomorrow 45 minutes for sure, not going to the meeting early, that’s the plan for now.

The training went well after a slow start with IT trying to get all the computers up and online.  I have made a new friend at my company, he transferred to my department a couple of months ago from accounting, we get along great and I’m thankful he was there today.  He’s my daughters age, but I try not to think of him as young enough to be my child.

After the training was over I asked if he wanted to go to Boneheads with me, I think Faith (our boss) overheard us talking and said something about us all going out to eat tomorrow night with the instructor.  Joy Joy.  The problem is two fold, Eric had made reservations for us to eat at this really neat place Seasons 52 tomorrow night, second problem she wants to eat at the hotel, this was not in our plans at all.  So, Eric called the restaurant to see if we could get in tonight, but they were booked, but did have booth seating at the bar that was first come first serve and at the moment they had plenty of seating, we headed over, what could it hurt?

What a great decision, I was totally impressed.  Seasons 52 (seasonally inspired 52 weeks a year) does not fry any foods, all natural, normal sized portions, they don’t use any butter and I thought it was reasonably priced.  Eric said they are always booked, and now I know why.  I had the Season special Blackened Mahi Mahi with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Green Vegetable Trio, oh and all meals on their seasonally inspired menu, less than 475 calories.   Every bite was just perfect, not too spicy on the fish, the potatoes, yummy, the green veggies were green beans, asparagus and broccoli.  I was so glad Eric picked this place, my meal was 18.95, Eric got the Cedar plank Salmon and his was 17.95.  I’ll definitely be back, hopefully this restaurant will open in other areas of the country.

I have a bunch of friends heading to Nashville this week for the Rock N Roll Marathon, I hope they all have a great run and a great time in Nashville.  I think Brenda will qualify for Boston, even if she doesn’t think so.  I think Kim and Annette are both going to do great, I just wish they were meeting up or something in Nashville, as far as I know they are not, but originally when they decided to run Nashville, they did so together.  Oh well, maybe they will see each other at the finish line and cheer each other on.  Regardless, I will be thinking about them both.  I think Kelly and Cindy will do great too, they are both great runners!  And not to leave the boys out.  Arland has become super runner and so has Kelly’s husband Robert.  I can’t wait to hear all the race reports.  Good luck to everyone in Nashville!