Willpower and the lack of

Eating willpower     (2-20-12)         

I remember my mother telling me one time “I wish I had your willpower, you can eat just a few cookies, I eat the whole bag”.  Well now I’m my mother, geez, it’s depressing, eat, eat and eat again.  I’m eating right now!!  Mind you I don’t eat a LOT of bad stuff, but still it’s all calories regardless of what you are eating.

About 10 years ago, when I still had willpower I went almost a whole year without eating any chocolate or fried food, could I do that now?  Probably not, fried food I could go without, hardly ever touch it, but chocolate, nope, love it, I Love you Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, I WOULD eat it every day if I could.  No lie.  Chocolate anything, cake, ice cream, cookies, plain, in candy, doesn’t matter, just tell me it’s chocolate and I’m weakened.  I think I may need an intervention.

At lunch today I made my weekly trip to Wal-Mart, yes there are a couple of things I buy there, PowerBar Gels in Strawberry Banana 4-pak for 3.88, Great Value cereal bars in Mixed Berry $2.00, Great Value sliced Mozzarella cheese can’t remember price, but it’s irrelevant because I love it, same for the cereal bars.  Where was I going with this….oh I remember.  My sister loaned me a swimsuit last year and she said she got it at Wal-mart, well I took a gander at the suits, EEK, nothing I would dare wear!  But there was a pair of bottoms (boy shorts) cause I ain’t showing my fat ass!  Pick up a medium go to the dressing room and on the way I’m thinking “this won’t be bad” you’ve been working out, running, they’ll look ‘OK’”  WHAT a freaking nightmare, I was just appalled at my thighs!  They are so flabby and not shapely at all, I leave for vacation in 3 weeks, and I’m sick, literally sick.  Wondering what extreme measures I can take before we leave to slim these babies down!  So embarrassing. 

So back to the willpower, I need it NOW, I need to not eat anything extra, including chocolate for the next 2 ½ weeks.  If I could just lose 2-3 pounds I think I might be able to go on the beach.  And it all boils down to willpower; I eat just to eat, not because I’m hungry.  I know what to do; just don’t have the gumption to do it.  Help, I need help!!  Can you hear me peeps?  Can you help a girl out??  Hide the cookies, hide the cupcakes, this girl needs to look good in those boy shorts!

Countdown to the Marathon, 13 11 days!  Got my bib number this weekend, #593, not excited, but it is what it is.  I will run it and Kim will be running with me.  I just know how much pain I have been in on the last few runs and dread that part of it more than anything!  Already looking forward to the finish line, HA!!!  We ran 12 miles on Saturday and for some reason my shins were killing me, no idea why, maybe I need new insoles, but hate to get them this close to marathon, or maybe I should!

The 12 miles was not that bad, Tammy ran the first 4 with me, always nice to have her company, we ran on the River Trail, over Big Dam Bridge over to Two Rivers and back, very boring to say the least.  I have been carrying my iphone, no headphones, just listening to Pandora Disco, it’s a hoot!  And people commented the whole route back on Saturday, especially on Disco Inferno!  Saw some people doing a couple of John Travolta moves, keeps it interesting.

This week could be a bust for me.  Stephanie wants me to keep the baby Friday night, one of her  girlfriend’s will be in town, so I can either take the BOB and take BOJ with us or go on Sunday, not sure yet.  Weather will play a huge factor.  Can’t take her if it’s too cold.

Well that’s it, except some exciting news coming soon, it’s a new adventure for me and my friend Sheryl, we are ironing our a few things before I make any huge announcements.





September came and went

Wow, where did it go?  Seems like that is a common phrase for me lately, where does the time go? where do my keys go? where does everything go?  September was super busy for me, lots of preparations for Kim’s Wedding Shower, lots of work to do, just in general busy.  I typed out a post on September 21st, but got busy and forgot to post it, may post it still.

Let me start with today and work backwards since today is the most fresh in my old head.  It was freaking chilly outside this morning and I do not like putting on long sleeves, or hunting down my headband or wondering “should I wear my gloves?” Ugh…here we go again.  Anyway, no gloves for today’s run, but long sleeves and headband, both of which I was glad I wore.

Our run today with the Little Rock Marathon Training group started at the ADEQ in NLR.  Tammy had already sent a text she wasn’t coming, so I was really not feeling it and didn’t know how far I wanted to run, 6 miles, 8 miles, whatever, doesn’t really matter at this point, just so I’m out there doing something.  I’m standing close to the sign in area talking with a new girl, Wendy, she is asking me about my Nathan water bottle thing I’ve had since my first half marathon a million moons ago, we are just chatting it up and this girl walks up and says “Are you Cheryl?” uh…yeah.  She says “I read your blog, I know everything about you, Tammy, Kim and BOJ!  You have inspired me?”  Me? Inspire someone?  Me?  Uh, okay.  I was shocked.  She was so nice, said she has read every post, I felt bad that I hadn’t been posting anything because it’s so stinking boring!

We continued to talk, she (“Heloisa” I hope I remembered and spelled her name correctly) was running 3 miles, so we took off together and continued to chat it up until she turned around a little past the 2 mile mark.  It was remarkable that she knew so much about me and my running, she asked about Lakewood and my early morning runs, mentioned 10-10-10 when I was in Boston last year, just all sorts of things.

I know people read blogs, I read blogs, but when someone you don’t know actually reads what you have written and looks you up, WOW!  I was floored!  Thanks Heloisa for making my week!  Sometimes I don’t post on my blog because the things I want to say seem so trivial I just don’t bother, those thoughts just stay in my head in that dark little spot that I use to scream at people when I drive home from work, frustration, depression, etc, it all comes out about 5pm, so watch out!

I have been doing a little better on my morning runs, got my new Mizuno’s last week and they made a huge difference.  I picked up some new runner peeps around the lake, Sheila and Cliff occasionally.  Sheila for sure, she seems to be at the lake every day!  My runs are averaging around 4 miles a day 3 days a week, still not nearly what they were last year, but the mojo is still MIA.

Last weekend was the WEDDING SHOWER for Kim, it turned out great, but I am about partied out, all these surprise parties, showers, etc. ENOUGH!  The only thing about the shower that was a bummer was the turn out, we invited about 30 people, I made 13 caramel apples for people to take home as favors, I sent 5 home with guests.  The rest went to the to-be Mother-in-Law, the host house and I took 3 to work.  Sheryl helped with the shower and brought the cake, we didn’t even make a dent in the cake.  Sad.

Finished Insanity, thank goodness!  Don’t miss it a bit!  Thought about starting boot camp again, but just can’t afford it, this past month has about run my savings dry!  Why is it everything is either due all at the same time or everything happens at the same time?  Anyway I just started going back to the NLR Community Center, they have a couple of great classes, it’s just hard to get there on time with the STUPID traffic in LR and trying to go North on I-430 at 5pm.

Signed up for the 2012 Little Rock Marathon, it’s the 10th anniversary and very likely my last Marathon, my feet just can not take it!  I will not say for sure until after it is over though!  I think Kim and I are doing the Batesville half in December, it is super hilly, guess that mojo needs to hurry up and find its way back to me!

The BOJ is getting so big, she will be 16 months old tomorrow!  Cutting lots of teeth, throwing temper tantrums, walking fast (not running), just so much fun I can hardly stand it!  She is coming over this afternoon, hope we can get down to the park or Fun Fest.

Here are some pictures from the shower and of course the baby!

Kim, Abbi and Sydney

BOJ - Labor day weekend

Bride to Be – Kim

Birthday and other stuff

Friday, August 26th

Haven’t had a lot to write about the last couple of weeks.  Still trying to get my running mojo back and it is starting to get better.  Hoping to build back up to around 5 miles a day by October, right now I’m doing about 3.5 miles 3-4 days a week and then a longer run on Saturday.  It’s been tough, my stomach is not cooperating all the time, some days I have to come back to my house a couple of times, which really pisses me off, hate to come back to the house, then I don’t want to go back out.  But I do, usually.

Had a Birthday celebration at my Mother’s a couple of weeks ago, it was a lot of fun, hate to admit it.  Rather just skip the Birthday part of it and just enjoy the Family.  These past two Birthdays have been especially hard; I have noticed so many changes in myself and realize more than half my life is over!  Just try to enjoy what I do have, it goes by so quickly.  Oh I got a Kindle from my Mother, big surprise and haven’t started “reading” any books on it yet, but it’s pretty cool, so many features, I had no idea!  Can’t wait to start reading my first book on it, as soon as I get a light for it I will be purchasing my first ebook or they do have free ones.

Insanity, hmmmm, well Tammy and I are still hard at it.  Yesterday was a rest day, thank goodness!  After Wednesday nights workout my legs, back, abs, everything needed a rest.  We did some ungodly amount of push-ups, more than 96, which was in one set and then there were these V push ups, side push ups, push ups where you do a push up and then jump up and back down into another push up, actually it was push up HELL!  And squats too, jumping here and there, geezzz.  And to top off the week, I gained a pound, which really gets under my skin since I am working harder than I ever have and my ass is still fat.  I guess I could blame it on the cookies I ate in Clarksville last week, or that piece of Hunka Pie Tammy brought me, or wait, that Birthday cake.  Maybe if I would stay away from the sweet stuff I would lose a pound, HA!!!  Not likely.  I don’t overindulge, a girl needs her sweets, at least this one does.

I forgot about going to Clarksville last week.  I did miss out on some Insanity workouts, but I did get up each day and run, which is scary, since I have no idea about the area, even though the front desk says “don’t worry, it’s a safe area”, he didn’t tell me that dogs don’t have to be in a gate…..  Little yippers!  I carried a stick the next day.

This morning the temperature was so much better, not even sure what it was, but compare to Wednesday it was a blessing!  Felt perfect to me, even though I had to make those stupid extra stops, I probably could have gotten in about 4 miles if not for that!  It was cooler outside than in my house so when I got in I opened all the windows and turned on the attic fan, the temperature dropped about 3 degrees in a matter of minutes.  Nice.

Kim is coming to LR this weekend and we have a lot of catching up to do, and from what she has told me, some shopping too.  Whatever we do I’m sure we will have a great time catching up, from her text this morning “49 days to my wedding”…… I guess she is in full Wedding mode.

Tammy has mentioned doing a Marathon in Maine next year, hmmm, I’m doing Little Rock in March, but I would love to go to Maine, not sure if I would LOVE to run a marathon in Maine, but I might be persuaded.  Something to consider anyway, need to look at lodging, air fares and that sort of thing before we decide, I think it is in October and registration starts this October.  Not sure if my feet can take two marathons.

Well, that’s all the catching up I have for now.  Oh, I forgot, I now have grass, green grass, it’s been so dry and hot all summer, it’s been hard for me to keep my front yard watered and looking decent, but now that we have had a little bit of rain, I have green grass in both my front and back yard!  But that means I will have to mow more often, oh and tons of leaves already from the dry weather so I have to rake first, ugh.  I raked my front yard on Sunday and had four 54 gallon bags full.



the 100’s and sweet tater tots

It’s been a hot week around these parts, in the 100s every day, I think we broke some records this week, if I’m not mistaken Wednesday was either 114 or 115, and unfortunately it doesn’t cool off much at night, I had one good morning run and the temp was 88.  The other 4 runs sucked, but that is normal and I’m getting used to the suckage.  A year ago I was flying through 5 and 6 mile runs every morning, this year is like my first year running, can’t breath, heart rate is way too high, foot hurts or if my foot doesn’t hurt it’s some other body part.  Oh well, I’ll just keep hoping for better runs.

Tammy and I are in our Recovery week for Insanity, I beg to differ on the “recovery” part, the workouts are 38 minutes long and it is still a workout, the only good thing about the workouts is that we don’t repeat everything 3 times.  Not sure what’s in store for us with the Max workouts for the next 4 weeks, but Tammy said she had read that some people can’t even get through the warm-up without pausing, yikes!  I know the workouts will be more intense and I hope to see a little weight loss, to date I have lost a whopping 1 pound, whooptofreakingdo.

Yesterday, oh my, what a day.  Start off with our Insanity workout at 6:30am, then we hit the Immaculate Conception Rummage Sale where we scored some great deals, of course “lucky” Tammy got the best deals, she got some Athelta tops for a buck a piece and some Merrell shoes for a buck.  After that we hit a couple more yard sales and headed home.  Few chores around the house and then I headed to my hair appointment in Little Rock, but first I stopped at the Garden Center where I had a coupon for a free perennial, score for me.

After getting rid of my gray I headed to K-Mart for diapers and other have to haves and finally got home around 2:30, I knew I had to get my yard mowed and the temperature was 108, holy cow, oh well, gotta get it done.  I finally forced myself to go outside and told myself you have to be finished by 4:30, watered all my poor pitiful flowers, spent 10 minutes coaxing the lawnmower to start and mowed my 87-year-old neighbor’s front yard first, I was using the bagger because of all the leaves that have fallen it was so stinking dusty!  Finally over to my yard where after mowing half of it I had a bright idea and got the water hose and sprayed the yard to keep the dust down, it really made a difference.  Finished yard at 4:20, it was miserable out there.

Showered off and then got ready for the big Ranch Run for Soaring Wings Ranch, it was a race Tammy picked out a few weeks back, we had no idea it would still be so stinking hot!  We had to leave my house by 5:30 to get there in time to sign in get bib, etc. before start time at 7pm.  It was only supposed to be about 45 miles, well, someone, I won’t mention any names, but I was driving and the other person was in charge of directions.  We turned onto Hwy 36 east where we were supposed to go 1.8 miles according to said Navigator in passenger seat, we went about 2.8  miles and never saw the turn off, we turned around thinking we had missed it and no, still no turn off.  Hmmm, maybe directions are wrong, we went back to the 8 mile gas station and asked the employees there, nope, no one knew where it was, really?  NO ONE?  no one.  I called my sister and she was trying to get us there when I picked up the directions and noticed we were supposed to go 6.7 miles, not 1.8 miles, AH HA!!  Back we go.  We made a bee line at Mach speed back the way we came and finally arrived at the Ranch (field) about 15 minutes before race, thank goodness we left when we did!  An luckily there were no bibs or packets, very small race, about 100 runners.

It was hot, but there was a breeze and the loop, which we had to run twice was more than half shaded.  Couple of issues, gravel road for the most part and my heart rate, again, damn it, this is really starting to piss me off.  Tammy and I ran together for a bit then I had to walk and I walked a lot, more than I wanted to.  Geez.  My heart rate would get up to about 175 and I would walk, wait till it got down in the 160s and then I would run for a bit, it would spike right back up, it was freaking miserable.  My new favorite phrase, freaking miserable.  I finished in about 37 minutes, worst 5k ever.  Oh well, who gives a flying flip, but me. 

We got a shaved ice afterwards and a slice of watermelon, hung out for a bit, then we hit the road back to civilization and Sonic where we were talking about trying those new Sweet potato Tots, we had talked about them on the way up to the race and now we had to have them!!!  It’s a rare treat to get some sort of fried food for me and I think Tammy too, I never eat anything like that so I couldn’t wait!  Yum.  We finally arrived, pulled up, looked at the menu and Medium Tots were $1.79, okay, we both got our $2.00 out and ready, I pushed the big red button, ordered the 2 Medium Sweet Tater Tots with BBQ sauce (tammy), “Your total is $7.42” WHAT??? $7.42??  for 2 Tater Tots?  Are you freaking kidding me?  Was it the BBQ Sauce?  I pushed the button again and the unfriendly dude says they are $3.73 each, told him to cancel the order, sorry but that is freaking robbery, no drink, no sandwich, nothing but tots!  We were craving something so we ordered to regular tots from a friendly girl who delivered them promptly, they were yummy.  Not sweet potato tots, but still good.

That was it for the week, the baby and I are headed swimming….

I’ve missed you blog, sort of

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I have posted on my blog.  I’ve thought about it many, many times, but alas something else always seems more important.  I’ve said this before and I will say it again, I’m going to try to do better :).

What’s been going on the last two months?  Funny you should ask.

Had a great girls weekend in Springfield, MO for the Maynard Cohick Half Marathon, first weekend in November, it was me, Tammy, Kim, new half-marathoners Kami and Sheryl!  Woohoo!  We shopped like fiends on Saturday and then ran on Sunday, we had a blast! 

Happy runners!

I have been keeping the BOJ (bundle of joy) on Wednesday nights and usually one day on the weekend or just whenever!  oh what fun, she is the best thing ever!

My sweetie pie!

I threw a surprise party for Stephanie, her birthday is just a few days before Christmas so her birthday has always got muddled up with the holidays, it was a HUGE success, she didn’t have any idea, we had lots of people, food and fun.  I can’t believe I actually pulled it off!

Next came Thanksgiving.  I made the best sweet potatoes ever, got the recipe from Eating Well, low cal, low-fat, yummers, I will make them again.  Kim and I ran that morning and it was warm, like shorts and tees, by that afternoon it was freezing, weird weather as usual.  I guess that’s when the cold weather really started settling in, which I detest.  It has really made me hate getting up and running in the mornings.  My mileage is down, ugh, I’ve got to get back on track.

December 3, me, Kim and Tammy headed to Memphis and Aunt Martha’s for the St. Jude Half Marathon and Full Marathon (Kim).  This is the third year and it may be our last, ready for some new destinations!  The weather forecast was up in the air, changing daily, 30’s, 40’s, windy, rainy, who knew.  By Saturday morning it was 50ish when Kim and I went outside to do a loop around Aunt Martha’s before heading downtown.  Warm enough to ditch gloves, but it was a little windy.  We decided to forego our throw away shirts, I had on a medium weight long-sleeve tech, pants and headband, the girls about the same.  We left for downtown about 6:15 got parked in our same spot as every other year and just sat watching the wind pick up, eek.  We finally decided to head to the start area around 7:20, we needed the bathroom since we had been just sitting and doing nothing.  We realized how much colder it was, oh no, maybe because of the wind, we were all shivering waiting in line for the port-a-potty.

We finally made our way over to corral 9 which we thought was corral 10, no matter there were thousands of people there, we were in a good spot, but still shivering, we could hear the announcer and the music which kept us entertained.  Once 8:00 rolled around we moved a bit, we were COLD, Tammy spotted a pair of pink gloves on the side of the road, people had started throwing off their throw away clothing and we took full advantage, I grabbed the pink gloves and I got one and Tammy got one, oh it was so warm…..

We moved a bit more and I spotted a red fleece jacket, grabbed that, I know what you are thinking, but it was COLD, my back was starting to hurt from shivering!  It was so warm, it must have been an XL, covered my butt!  People were staring at me, I didn’t care, it didn’t smell and it felt like heaven!  I wore it for about the first 2 miles until I warmed up. 

We lost Tammy after about the first mile, we saw her again around mile 8, but Kim and I stayed together until she split off for the Full at mile 12.5.  I had a bad, bad race, my shoulder-blade/back started really bothering me around mile 5-6, it hurt so bad I would have to completely stop running, kneel down and let the pain and nausea pass.  This happened 4 times before I finally finished the race, I think my time was 2:25:xx, it was going so good until the first time I had to stop, Kim stopped with me every time, she is a great running partner 🙂

When I finally finished there were so many people I could not get away, I needed to throw up, I heard Tammy calling my name, I pulled over, knelt down and said “I’m going to be sick” and started dry heaving, I had nothing to throw up but some nasty green bile, yuck, it was disgusting and embarrassing.  We finally made it to the infield of AutoZone park were I laid down on my mylar blanket until the nausea and pain passed.  We decided to go up and try to get something to eat, we knew there would be soup from McAllister’s, that might help 🙂

What a freaking nightmare, way too many people in those stands going to one little exit to get “Runner Food”, it was like we were sardines, horrible, that’s another reason I think we will find something else to run next year, it was chaotic.  They sort of herd you through the food area and you can’t go back, so if you don’t get it right then, too bad.  You’ve got a water bottle in your hand, soup in another hand and you might want a Coke or a piece of pizza, you are trying to juggle all this crap while people are pushing you through, ugh.  Not pretty.

We managed to find a place to sit down and drink our soup, since they don’t give you spoons, I have never liked drinking soup, especially soups with chunks of veggies, that is what a spoon is for.  We probably had a couple of hours to kill so we made it to our car dropped our fuel belts, grabbed our coats and headed to Starbucks.  I was still not feeling my normal self, I had to stop a couple of times and let those pains/spasms, whatever the hell was going on with my back pass.  I have had problems with my back before, but never like this.

We got our coffee and headed back to watch for Kim, we had fun watching crazy Marathoners come in, some did cartwheels, one girl was talking on her phone as she crossed the finish line, some were about to pass out.  It was fun.  We saw Kim come in and we were ready to go!  We found her and headed back to Starbucks and then to Aunt Martha’s to get our gear, we all decided NOT to take showers until we got back to LR, it would take too much time, so three stinky runners piled back in the car and headed home, glad to be finished.

Another half marathon this weekend and the forecast was not looking good at all, 70% chance of rain, but the temps in the 40s/50s.  This race Tammy found for us after we ran in Springfield, it was the Batesville White Christmas Half Marathon, ALL proceeds go to needy families in the area for Christmas, the entry fee is a donation.  It was great!  Very small, I think it’s limited to around 150 participants, which there weren’t near that many people there yesterday. 

Kim came and picked us up at 6am and we headed out in the rain, ugh, the forecast was rain, rain, rain, we were prepared, hats, rain gear, extra clothes for afterward.  Took us about 2 hours to get there since we had to stop at Starbucks and stopped again to ask how to get there.  We were giving great goodie bags, probably better than I’ve gotten in ages, and super cute t-shirts.  No bibs, but they did have timing chips.  We sat inside and watched it rain, we all knew it would probably be a hilly course since Batesville is pretty much all hills and I really wanted a good time after last weekend, but with the rain and hills, I had decided oh whatever, UNTIL…….

We were standing in the start area, headed UPHILL, and Tammy said, hey there aren’t many girls Skipper, you could probably win an age group, Holy Crap!  Why did she say that!  That competitive side of me wanted it!  We took off and what happens, my water bottle falls off my belt, I turn to pick it up and we are LAST! Dead last!  HA!!  Okay, there was not thousands or even hundreds of people, but still, last?  No thank you!  It was an uphill start and it was uphill for almost 3/4 of a mile, but then a nice downhill.  It was only misting rain too, so that was nice, temp in the 50s, so cool.  First couple of miles flew by, we started passing people, yippee!  The course was marked good and then we started hitting hills, and more hills, and more hills, around mile five I was getting hot, had to shed my rain jacket, it was still kind of rainy, but not a downpour, so it was either hot or wet, I chose wet.  It was such a relief to get that hot jacket off.  We were moving, making good time until about mile 8, OMG, the biggest hills, we had to take some walk breaks, but we weren’t the only ones!  We were in a residential area and the hills were non-stop!  We were doing good fuel wise we had gotten some trail mix at around mile 6 and I was drinking G2 regularly.

We were never in a pack of people but we could always see people ahead and behind us and around mile 10 we hear these feet coming up behind us, WTH?  She zooms past us, UH, no way sister!  I looked at Kim and she knew the look, that ain’t happening, no freaking way, so the last 3 miles were speedy, we ended up passing that girl and putting some distance between us, I was dying!  My heart rate was in the high 170s sometimes 180, which is way too high, but I was determined to beat her!  Poor Kimmy, she just ran a Marathon last week and here I am making her push those legs even further!  But she did it, we both did!  We passed these two guys who had been in front of us the whole way, we passed them and I said, “sorry guys we are making a move!”  I loved it!!!

We also passed 2 more girls, probably close to my age group, hard to tell, I was on a mission!  Then, we make the turn and it is UPHILL to the finish, I was done!  I mean I didn’t think I could make it up that stinking hill, I could see the finish, but I was wheezing, my heart was beating out of my chest, but somehow we ran it in!  2:14:23, still not a PR, but I felt good and I knew I was in the awards, yippee!!!

We got our medals, which were awesome too!  Shaped like a snowflake, dated, very nice for such a small race.  Kim had to run inside and I waited to cheer Tammy in and it wasn’t long and her she came!!  2:19:xx  She looked great!  We had a great race and it didn’t pour down on us, how lucky we were!

Once inside they had Chili, Potato Soup, yeast rolls, donuts, cookies, bananas, hot cocoa, it was great! The chili and soup were from Colton’s, yummy, best after race food I’ve had in a while, and they let you go back if you wanted to!  Next were the awards, I just knew we might all get an award, we knew they were 10 year spans instead of 5, so that might not be a good thing and THEN we realized they were only giving first place awards, no second, no third, 😦 

They call out overall Male/Female, 19 and under, 20-29 Male/Female,  30-39 Male/Female, Master, Grand master, my name is never called and the girls we passed, one of them gets an award, what?  I passed her.  But alas, she was in a different age group.  I did not get an award, I was 2nd in my age group, woe is me.  Oh well, we had a great time!  We did a little after race shopping in the Historic Downtown Batesville, even stopped at the tiny little Kroger store.

Once we got home I took a shower and then was blessed with babysitting the BOJ for a few hours, so today, it is so windy, I will not be running, I will be staying inside to do a little housework, ugh, hate it.  Maybe Wednesday I can get outside and rake, oh BTW, I had an estimate for someone to cleanup my leaves, $75.00!  I think it’s too much.

And the running continues

After last weekends tortuous 25K I was so thankful for a rest day on Sunday, Ahhh, I could have actually taken a couple of days off, but no rest for the runner!  Kim and I were back at it on Monday morning as usual, we did take it easy and only ran around the lake instead of our normal hilly loop. 

We met with Sheryl on Tuesday night at GO! Running for their Tuesday night run where we did a 4 mile run and got lost, totally my fault since I was the route person.  We did get to see some parts of the Heights that we had never seen before :).  I was having terrible stomach pains and was in search of facilities for most of the run, lucked out at a construction site, YEEHAW!!  I was super excited, when I came out of the port-a-potty Kim and Sheryl were laughing because some older guy pulled right up to the potty, got out and walked up to the house under construction, it was Sheryl’s doctor, I didn’t think it was that funny, but they were having a good hearty laugh about the whole incident.  Nevertheless, my stomach felt like new and I was ready to run!

Uneventful runs on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday another Kim and Cheryl story.  We left my house around 5am started running about 5 houses down the street and about 10 houses down I notice out of the corner of my eye a dark figure, “LOOK” I nudged Kim, the guy was doing something to a car and took off running in the opposite direction, I mean sprinting, like someone had fired a shot at him!  OMG!!  We were nervous, scared and didn’t  know what to do.  We walked over to the car and it looked like one of the windows was busted, but it wasn’t, just a glare.  All the inside lights were on in the vehicle and the passenger door was ajar.  I closed the door and we headed down toward the lake, there is always a cop down there.  BUT not Friday.  So, we headed back to my house where we called the police and told them of our heroic efforts of thwarting a B&E!  After a bathroom break we headed back down the same way and  when we got to the end of my street the cops were already out, we could see him coming down the street with his spotlight.  Quick!  We stopped him and told him the description and which way he was going, good deed for the day. 

We had used up a lot of time with our heroic efforts so we just ran around the lake it was stinking hot anyway.

Saturday we were meeting at the River Market, one of our favorite places to run in the Summer since when we get finished we can visit the Farmer’s market and drink Skinny Caramel iced mocha’s from Boulevard Bread, yummers! 

Well, Kim had come to my house first so she could get in some extra miles, we headed to downtown around 20 till 6, we decided to park in the parking lot at Commerce and 2nd street, gross, it was disgusting, trash everywhere, it just looked horrible.  I can’t remember it ever looking that bad, looked abandoned almost, but we parked there anyway, ugh.  I always bring a small ice chest with Diet Mt. Dews for Me, Kim, Tammy or Sheryl and Kami, whoever I know is going to be running with us.  Saturday there were 3 Dew’s in the ice chest, I put in under the back rear tire of my truck, like always.  We got our gear on and headed to the start.

We knew Sheryl wasn’t coming, we saw Tammy and told her about the ice chest and told her to grab a drink when she was finished, she was doing 7 miles, Kim and I were doing 10.  We had a decent run, some incident at the Doubletree that I won’t go into, it had to do with a panty liner, you had to be there ;0

Kim and I made good time and headed to the truck to change clothes, get our bags for the Market and grab our ice-cold Diet Mt. Dew, uhhh not.  As I was walking up to the truck I could see the ice chest was gone, but I just couldn’t believe it, I looked all around but it was gone.  DAMN IT!  Someone stole my ice chest, not just the ice-cold Diet Dews, but the whole thing.  Who would do that at 8am in the morning?? 

So frustrated, we texted Tammy to see if it was there when she got back, but she forgot and didn’t see it.  Ugh!!  Okay, the ice chest was old, I only paid 25 cents for it at a church sale, it was disgusting when I bought it, but I cleaned it up and it has been with us for 2 summers.  I’m distraught, especially after we saved someone from getting broken into yesterday and Karma pays me back by taking my 25 cent ice chest?  Geezzz.

Rest day today, we were supposed to run, but I just couldn’t do it, we had run 6 days in a row in the miserable heat and humidity, my legs were sore and I was pooped, the bed felt good.  I didn’t really sleep late, got up at 6am, finished cleaning the house and waited for Stephanie to bring over Baby S.  Best part of my weekend, sweet little baby girl!

Back to the salt mines tomorrow, as bad as I hate it.  Weather is hot and more hot, 100 degrees forecast for the next few days. 

If anyone sees a homeless person walking around with an old igloo ice chest, teal on the bottom with a purple handle, give them 5 bucks for my ice chest and I’ll pay you back.  I want my stinking ice chest back.

July 21??

Are you kidding me?  I think someone stole July 1-20, because I don’t recall any of it, well that’s not really true, but it went by so fast.  I hate how summer flies by and winter creeps. 

We’ve had some pretty decent runs, no real “WOW that was an awesome run” or “WOW that really sucked” well I take that back on the sucked part, Tuesday sucked, my insides were coming out, or that’s what it felt like thanks to Mother Nature, but we won’t dwell on that subject, Ugh…. 

Today we had a guest runner with us, Madelyn from the Little Rock Marathon Training Group met me and Kim at Lakewood lake #3 at 5:15am.  It was nice to have someone new to run with, Kim and I talk about the same ole crap and bitch about the same ole crap everyday!  We need someone else’s crap to listen to for a change.  It was a nice run, I think she might be a tad bit faster than us, at one point she got pretty far ahead of us and then I think she realized she didn’t know where she was going and fell back in line with us.  The time went by faster than normal, but it was still super hot and humid.

I tried out a headlamp this morning in preparation for the Full moon 25K, which I strapped around my chest, bad idea, for one thing it bounced back and forth way too much and then it started sliding down.  You may be asking your self, how did it slide down, didn’t her boobs catch it? Uh, no, I strapped it under the boobage, such as it is, ending up ditching the light before we got 1/2 a mile.  Will try the Petzl on the forehead tomorrow.

Work is getting worse instead of better, so I am officially on the job hunt, well officially afer I find my resume which is on a disk from my blown up computer, I hope and pray.

Started a new Boot Camp at the Community Center, love it!!  I’m going once or twice a week, depending on the running schedule, wish I could go more, hope it will make me not so jiggly.