Birthday and other stuff

Friday, August 26th

Haven’t had a lot to write about the last couple of weeks.  Still trying to get my running mojo back and it is starting to get better.  Hoping to build back up to around 5 miles a day by October, right now I’m doing about 3.5 miles 3-4 days a week and then a longer run on Saturday.  It’s been tough, my stomach is not cooperating all the time, some days I have to come back to my house a couple of times, which really pisses me off, hate to come back to the house, then I don’t want to go back out.  But I do, usually.

Had a Birthday celebration at my Mother’s a couple of weeks ago, it was a lot of fun, hate to admit it.  Rather just skip the Birthday part of it and just enjoy the Family.  These past two Birthdays have been especially hard; I have noticed so many changes in myself and realize more than half my life is over!  Just try to enjoy what I do have, it goes by so quickly.  Oh I got a Kindle from my Mother, big surprise and haven’t started “reading” any books on it yet, but it’s pretty cool, so many features, I had no idea!  Can’t wait to start reading my first book on it, as soon as I get a light for it I will be purchasing my first ebook or they do have free ones.

Insanity, hmmmm, well Tammy and I are still hard at it.  Yesterday was a rest day, thank goodness!  After Wednesday nights workout my legs, back, abs, everything needed a rest.  We did some ungodly amount of push-ups, more than 96, which was in one set and then there were these V push ups, side push ups, push ups where you do a push up and then jump up and back down into another push up, actually it was push up HELL!  And squats too, jumping here and there, geezzz.  And to top off the week, I gained a pound, which really gets under my skin since I am working harder than I ever have and my ass is still fat.  I guess I could blame it on the cookies I ate in Clarksville last week, or that piece of Hunka Pie Tammy brought me, or wait, that Birthday cake.  Maybe if I would stay away from the sweet stuff I would lose a pound, HA!!!  Not likely.  I don’t overindulge, a girl needs her sweets, at least this one does.

I forgot about going to Clarksville last week.  I did miss out on some Insanity workouts, but I did get up each day and run, which is scary, since I have no idea about the area, even though the front desk says “don’t worry, it’s a safe area”, he didn’t tell me that dogs don’t have to be in a gate…..  Little yippers!  I carried a stick the next day.

This morning the temperature was so much better, not even sure what it was, but compare to Wednesday it was a blessing!  Felt perfect to me, even though I had to make those stupid extra stops, I probably could have gotten in about 4 miles if not for that!  It was cooler outside than in my house so when I got in I opened all the windows and turned on the attic fan, the temperature dropped about 3 degrees in a matter of minutes.  Nice.

Kim is coming to LR this weekend and we have a lot of catching up to do, and from what she has told me, some shopping too.  Whatever we do I’m sure we will have a great time catching up, from her text this morning “49 days to my wedding”…… I guess she is in full Wedding mode.

Tammy has mentioned doing a Marathon in Maine next year, hmmm, I’m doing Little Rock in March, but I would love to go to Maine, not sure if I would LOVE to run a marathon in Maine, but I might be persuaded.  Something to consider anyway, need to look at lodging, air fares and that sort of thing before we decide, I think it is in October and registration starts this October.  Not sure if my feet can take two marathons.

Well, that’s all the catching up I have for now.  Oh, I forgot, I now have grass, green grass, it’s been so dry and hot all summer, it’s been hard for me to keep my front yard watered and looking decent, but now that we have had a little bit of rain, I have green grass in both my front and back yard!  But that means I will have to mow more often, oh and tons of leaves already from the dry weather so I have to rake first, ugh.  I raked my front yard on Sunday and had four 54 gallon bags full.




the 100’s and sweet tater tots

It’s been a hot week around these parts, in the 100s every day, I think we broke some records this week, if I’m not mistaken Wednesday was either 114 or 115, and unfortunately it doesn’t cool off much at night, I had one good morning run and the temp was 88.  The other 4 runs sucked, but that is normal and I’m getting used to the suckage.  A year ago I was flying through 5 and 6 mile runs every morning, this year is like my first year running, can’t breath, heart rate is way too high, foot hurts or if my foot doesn’t hurt it’s some other body part.  Oh well, I’ll just keep hoping for better runs.

Tammy and I are in our Recovery week for Insanity, I beg to differ on the “recovery” part, the workouts are 38 minutes long and it is still a workout, the only good thing about the workouts is that we don’t repeat everything 3 times.  Not sure what’s in store for us with the Max workouts for the next 4 weeks, but Tammy said she had read that some people can’t even get through the warm-up without pausing, yikes!  I know the workouts will be more intense and I hope to see a little weight loss, to date I have lost a whopping 1 pound, whooptofreakingdo.

Yesterday, oh my, what a day.  Start off with our Insanity workout at 6:30am, then we hit the Immaculate Conception Rummage Sale where we scored some great deals, of course “lucky” Tammy got the best deals, she got some Athelta tops for a buck a piece and some Merrell shoes for a buck.  After that we hit a couple more yard sales and headed home.  Few chores around the house and then I headed to my hair appointment in Little Rock, but first I stopped at the Garden Center where I had a coupon for a free perennial, score for me.

After getting rid of my gray I headed to K-Mart for diapers and other have to haves and finally got home around 2:30, I knew I had to get my yard mowed and the temperature was 108, holy cow, oh well, gotta get it done.  I finally forced myself to go outside and told myself you have to be finished by 4:30, watered all my poor pitiful flowers, spent 10 minutes coaxing the lawnmower to start and mowed my 87-year-old neighbor’s front yard first, I was using the bagger because of all the leaves that have fallen it was so stinking dusty!  Finally over to my yard where after mowing half of it I had a bright idea and got the water hose and sprayed the yard to keep the dust down, it really made a difference.  Finished yard at 4:20, it was miserable out there.

Showered off and then got ready for the big Ranch Run for Soaring Wings Ranch, it was a race Tammy picked out a few weeks back, we had no idea it would still be so stinking hot!  We had to leave my house by 5:30 to get there in time to sign in get bib, etc. before start time at 7pm.  It was only supposed to be about 45 miles, well, someone, I won’t mention any names, but I was driving and the other person was in charge of directions.  We turned onto Hwy 36 east where we were supposed to go 1.8 miles according to said Navigator in passenger seat, we went about 2.8  miles and never saw the turn off, we turned around thinking we had missed it and no, still no turn off.  Hmmm, maybe directions are wrong, we went back to the 8 mile gas station and asked the employees there, nope, no one knew where it was, really?  NO ONE?  no one.  I called my sister and she was trying to get us there when I picked up the directions and noticed we were supposed to go 6.7 miles, not 1.8 miles, AH HA!!  Back we go.  We made a bee line at Mach speed back the way we came and finally arrived at the Ranch (field) about 15 minutes before race, thank goodness we left when we did!  An luckily there were no bibs or packets, very small race, about 100 runners.

It was hot, but there was a breeze and the loop, which we had to run twice was more than half shaded.  Couple of issues, gravel road for the most part and my heart rate, again, damn it, this is really starting to piss me off.  Tammy and I ran together for a bit then I had to walk and I walked a lot, more than I wanted to.  Geez.  My heart rate would get up to about 175 and I would walk, wait till it got down in the 160s and then I would run for a bit, it would spike right back up, it was freaking miserable.  My new favorite phrase, freaking miserable.  I finished in about 37 minutes, worst 5k ever.  Oh well, who gives a flying flip, but me. 

We got a shaved ice afterwards and a slice of watermelon, hung out for a bit, then we hit the road back to civilization and Sonic where we were talking about trying those new Sweet potato Tots, we had talked about them on the way up to the race and now we had to have them!!!  It’s a rare treat to get some sort of fried food for me and I think Tammy too, I never eat anything like that so I couldn’t wait!  Yum.  We finally arrived, pulled up, looked at the menu and Medium Tots were $1.79, okay, we both got our $2.00 out and ready, I pushed the big red button, ordered the 2 Medium Sweet Tater Tots with BBQ sauce (tammy), “Your total is $7.42” WHAT??? $7.42??  for 2 Tater Tots?  Are you freaking kidding me?  Was it the BBQ Sauce?  I pushed the button again and the unfriendly dude says they are $3.73 each, told him to cancel the order, sorry but that is freaking robbery, no drink, no sandwich, nothing but tots!  We were craving something so we ordered to regular tots from a friendly girl who delivered them promptly, they were yummy.  Not sweet potato tots, but still good.

That was it for the week, the baby and I are headed swimming….

Run, Work, Insanity, Repeat

Seems like that’s all I do, get up and run, go to work, come home do Insanity, repeat!  Makes a girl tired!  I took a rest day on Wednesday instead of getting up and running, but Thursday rolled around and it was back to normal.  I did manage to get in about 3.5 miles with only a couple of breaks which could not be avoided and both times I had to come back home since the bathroom was not open at the lake, too early I guess.

Thursday night I did not want to do Insanity, but we did it, certainly another sweat fest.  Friday morning we had Cardio Recovery to do at 5am so I got up at 4 and got about 2 miles in before Tammy got to the house.  It was so stinking humid out I was soaked after only 2 miles.

Stephanie asked if I could keep the baby early they were going to the lake so I cut my intended 6 mile run into 4 miles, met Tammy back at my house did the Pure Cardio then Cardio Abs, thought I was going to die!  That’s about an hour of intense cardio after running in the heat I had to hurry up and shower before the baby arrived, it’s going to be a long day!

We had a great time, headed to the park around noon, I know, hot, but no choice early morning nap for the baby.  There were some kids at the park and she loves to follow them around and try to do the same things they are doing, she is so darn cute I can hardly stand it.  She started hollering at the kids before we even got up the hill to the train and playground, just gibberish, but I ‘m sure she was saying “wait for me!!!”  There two little boys who she followed around for an hour before they left and we headed home.  She fell asleep in the stroller, her poor little cheeks were just as red as they could be and her head was wet with sweat, but she was out! 

Her daddy picked her up this morning and not long after Tammy showed up for our last video of Insanity before we start our recovery week then on to the Max Insanity, whatever it is, I don’t want to know.  We just now started getting through the entire dvd without collapsing in a heap, I can’t imagine what the Insanity Max has in store for us.  I better lose a pound or two, at this point I am up 1/2 a pound and not happy about it either.  I’m sweating my ass off 6 days a week doing Insanity, plus putting in a few runs, geez, gaining weight?  Not fair.  If I am going to gain weight then I at least  want brownies every day.

Have spent a few hours out in my front yard, geez it looks like crap, or white trash, take your pick.  I did get the driveway swept, yard raked, yes raked, you would think it is fall with all the dry leaves.  Painted a shelf and started sanding a shelf when the thunder and lightning started.  Now I have got to get my stinking self in the shower.



In my mind I always have this idea about my run, how great it’s going to be.  I can see it, starting out slow, birds are singing,  picking up the pace around the lake, saying good morning to all the ducks and geese, taking a quick water break by the stone gate, making my last hill,  finishing my morning run with a smile on my face and not a care in the world.  BS!  That never ever happens, EVER!

My expectations are so high for myself and I get so disappointed after about half a mile as was the case yesterday.  I had planned on 3 miles, pitiful I know, but I have to start back somewhere, right?  To start out it was warm, a nice 76 degrees with 90% humidity.  I knew as soon as I started running it was not going to be a great run, my back was hurting already.  Whatever I did to it over the weekend is still there.  But I trudge on at a terribly slow pace.  Make it down to the lake, I had to walk a couple of times already because this pain is shooting down my leg!  DAMN IT!  But I keep thinking oh, it will get better in a bit and it sort of did, but it never was not there.  Then the stomach starts talking, geez, cannot I not get one decent run in?  It’s very disheartening when every run SUCKS!!  Makes me not want to run at all.  It all started with my stupid foot in December and I’m still paying for it.

So, I knew I better head home since the bathroom was not open at the lake.  I only got in 2.5 miles, what a waste of a morning.  Oh well, I will try again on Wednesday and I will have an expectation of hearing the birds sing and my feet will be light as air, blah, blah, blah.

My only saving grace for the day was Insanity last night with Tammy, we did Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.  We almost made it through the entire Pure Cardio without stopping, but I’m not sure we ever will, it is INTENSE!  I can tell we are getting better just by how many breaks we have to take or not take!  Not sure what she told me we were doing tonight, but whatever it is you can bet we will be drenched with sweat and ready for our rest day tomorrow!

Okay, I gotta go to work.