Marathon Countdown

 As the day’s countdown, 19 to be exact, the more anxious I am becoming, especially after the miserable 20 mile run on Saturday.  Thank goodness Kim came for the weekend and ran with me, not sure if I would have stuck it out for the whole thing.  We knew it was going to be cold, but OMG, it was freaking TORTURE!  I wanted to quit so many times and when Tammy said so long and headed back I desperately wanted to go too.  When my stupid Garmin kept f’ing up, when I dropped my gloves trying to take a drink a gazillion times, when we would turn a corner and the wind would slap you in the face like a 2 x 4, I was pissed and done, wanted to quit, I really can’t believe we finished it.  If the weather is good on race day we should be okay, if it’s like Saturday, they can keep the medal and my money!  HA HA!!  That’s how bad it was. 

I saw a girl running with no head band, no hat and this was in the beginning of the run, before the sun came up, she had her ipod plugged in, had a hood, but not on her head, I have no idea how her ears were stilled attached to her head, mine would have fallen off, it was that stinking cold!  She was nuts!  Sorry girl….put that hoodie on! 

We were almost run over on Chester Street in Little Rock, someone getting off the interstate with their heads turned to the left looking for traffic, they were not expecting us freaks out running!  We were aware though and avoided being run over, even though the thought of being finished….. just kidding! 

Part of the Little Rock Marathon Team, not sure who they were other than Hobbit, had an impromptu aid station around the Fire Station on Chester, it was super nice, snacks, water, etc.  A nice break too.


We finished about 10:30, yeah it took us forever, but we did make 3 stops and took our time, we regrouped at the Holiday Inn, got warm, got some needed nourishment and readjusted all of our clothing.  We also stopped at our favorite stop of all, the State Capitol, they have the best bathroom, well, it’s only the best bathroom when you are freezing cold, you need to go and need a place to lay down, cause they have all of that and more.  I could have spent the rest of my day on that bench. 

We were running up Markham by the Deaf School and we heard honking, it was Tammy who had left from the run earlier, she pulled over at the school and when we got up to her we stopped and chatted, ate some apple slices she offered, bitched about how miserable we were and then headed for our last 6 miles.  Another hour, at least the sun was out and it felt wonderful! 

I tried to think about Sherry Arnold, whose bib was attached to my back, who was murdered on a Saturday run back in January, I tried to think of her and hope that she did not suffer, that she wasn’t scared, that she fought those bastards with every ounce of her being, because that’s what I would do, or at least it’s what I hope I would do, fight.  I saw on SUAR’s blog that over 20,000 bibs were printed for the virtual run, that’s amazing, 20,000 were thinking about Sherry on their runs this weekend.  Hope this makes everyone a little more aware of their surroundings when they go out and run alone, I know it makes me very watchful everyday.

 Until later. Maybe. 

 Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day