September came and went

Wow, where did it go?  Seems like that is a common phrase for me lately, where does the time go? where do my keys go? where does everything go?  September was super busy for me, lots of preparations for Kim’s Wedding Shower, lots of work to do, just in general busy.  I typed out a post on September 21st, but got busy and forgot to post it, may post it still.

Let me start with today and work backwards since today is the most fresh in my old head.  It was freaking chilly outside this morning and I do not like putting on long sleeves, or hunting down my headband or wondering “should I wear my gloves?” Ugh…here we go again.  Anyway, no gloves for today’s run, but long sleeves and headband, both of which I was glad I wore.

Our run today with the Little Rock Marathon Training group started at the ADEQ in NLR.  Tammy had already sent a text she wasn’t coming, so I was really not feeling it and didn’t know how far I wanted to run, 6 miles, 8 miles, whatever, doesn’t really matter at this point, just so I’m out there doing something.  I’m standing close to the sign in area talking with a new girl, Wendy, she is asking me about my Nathan water bottle thing I’ve had since my first half marathon a million moons ago, we are just chatting it up and this girl walks up and says “Are you Cheryl?” uh…yeah.  She says “I read your blog, I know everything about you, Tammy, Kim and BOJ!  You have inspired me?”  Me? Inspire someone?  Me?  Uh, okay.  I was shocked.  She was so nice, said she has read every post, I felt bad that I hadn’t been posting anything because it’s so stinking boring!

We continued to talk, she (“Heloisa” I hope I remembered and spelled her name correctly) was running 3 miles, so we took off together and continued to chat it up until she turned around a little past the 2 mile mark.  It was remarkable that she knew so much about me and my running, she asked about Lakewood and my early morning runs, mentioned 10-10-10 when I was in Boston last year, just all sorts of things.

I know people read blogs, I read blogs, but when someone you don’t know actually reads what you have written and looks you up, WOW!  I was floored!  Thanks Heloisa for making my week!  Sometimes I don’t post on my blog because the things I want to say seem so trivial I just don’t bother, those thoughts just stay in my head in that dark little spot that I use to scream at people when I drive home from work, frustration, depression, etc, it all comes out about 5pm, so watch out!

I have been doing a little better on my morning runs, got my new Mizuno’s last week and they made a huge difference.  I picked up some new runner peeps around the lake, Sheila and Cliff occasionally.  Sheila for sure, she seems to be at the lake every day!  My runs are averaging around 4 miles a day 3 days a week, still not nearly what they were last year, but the mojo is still MIA.

Last weekend was the WEDDING SHOWER for Kim, it turned out great, but I am about partied out, all these surprise parties, showers, etc. ENOUGH!  The only thing about the shower that was a bummer was the turn out, we invited about 30 people, I made 13 caramel apples for people to take home as favors, I sent 5 home with guests.  The rest went to the to-be Mother-in-Law, the host house and I took 3 to work.  Sheryl helped with the shower and brought the cake, we didn’t even make a dent in the cake.  Sad.

Finished Insanity, thank goodness!  Don’t miss it a bit!  Thought about starting boot camp again, but just can’t afford it, this past month has about run my savings dry!  Why is it everything is either due all at the same time or everything happens at the same time?  Anyway I just started going back to the NLR Community Center, they have a couple of great classes, it’s just hard to get there on time with the STUPID traffic in LR and trying to go North on I-430 at 5pm.

Signed up for the 2012 Little Rock Marathon, it’s the 10th anniversary and very likely my last Marathon, my feet just can not take it!  I will not say for sure until after it is over though!  I think Kim and I are doing the Batesville half in December, it is super hilly, guess that mojo needs to hurry up and find its way back to me!

The BOJ is getting so big, she will be 16 months old tomorrow!  Cutting lots of teeth, throwing temper tantrums, walking fast (not running), just so much fun I can hardly stand it!  She is coming over this afternoon, hope we can get down to the park or Fun Fest.

Here are some pictures from the shower and of course the baby!

Kim, Abbi and Sydney

BOJ - Labor day weekend

Bride to Be – Kim